This Kiiara x Blackbear Collab Is ‘So Sick’

This Kiiara x Blackbear Collab Is ‘So Sick’

Kiiara and blackbear is the collab we never knew we needed, but we got it and it’s ‘So Sick.’ In the sense that it’s called ‘So Sick,’ but also in the sense that it’s a great bop. We mean, with Kiiara’s smooth, flawless vocals gliding over the track and then blackbear coming in with his sick flow, what better could we ask for?

What makes the song all the more interesting is that Kiiara wrote this song about blackbear. That’s right. Imagine writing a song about your ex- that you’ve remained friends with- and then having him as a feature on the song?

‘So Sick’ is a playful song about my relationship with blackbear back in 2016. We dated for a lil and this is a look into that. We stayed friends thru it all even tho I was blocked for a solid 2 years lolll. Bear is incredibly talented and he really brought this song to life. As soon as I cut the vocals on that song I could hear him on it. We hadn’t spoken in a long time but he hit me right back and said he’d love to do it. It ended up being a playful, dramatic song.


It is a very playful and dramatic song, all the elements included in it just make it work perfectly. Listen to ‘So Sick’ by Kiiara and blackbear off Kiiara’s album lil kiiwi here!

Isn’t the song just so good? It’s something that we can just imagine epic choreography for a live performance.

Kiiara is absolutely on fire lately with her music. She just dropped her album lil kiiwi, and every song off of it is her best. Wonder where she got the name from?

It’s not an alter ego, it’s a side of me that will always be there, even though I’m much better at handling my emotions now. I’ve learned a lot the hard way, and now I want to bring people into my world so they can understand it a little better. And if there are people out there who relate to the things I’ve gone through, I hope hearing these songs makes them feel less alone. I hope it helps them out in some way.


If you’d like, you can stream Kiiara’s album here!

What did you think of the Kiiara and blackbear collab ‘So Sick’? What’s your favorite song off lil kiiwi? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, or chat with us at The Hive!



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