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Halsey Starts An Informative Open Dialogue With Bernie Sanders

Halsey Starts An Informative Open Dialogue With Bernie Sanders

Halsey has been labeled the voice of our generation by multiple media outlets. Her determination to be that voice has led her to be on the frontlines of the BLM protest in California, given speeches at the Women’s March, spoke out about teenage homelessness, and more. She’s the activist that we all aspire to be, the activist that influences her fans and influences them in the best way she can. This is why it came as no surprise to us when Halsey decided to start an informative open dialogue with Bernie Sanders whom she has endorsed for the American Presidential Election twice. The new series, Bernie And Halsey Discuss America has been out for about a week now and has three episodes so far. 

Bernie Sanders with Halsey for an informative dialogue about politics
Bernie Sanders via The Lede Company

The series starts off to be about the Greed & Wealth Tax and will venture into climate plans, LGBTQ+ protections, racial injustices, and more. It’s also a way to help inform viewers about the issues that American people face every day at an unfiltered level. It’s also a way for international fans to understand the issues in America and how it may differ from the issues in their home country. In the end, the series is mainly to encourage viewers to cast their ballot for Joe Biden in November. 

We’re not sure how long the series would be around but we’re hoping that it’s until Election Day! You can watch the rest of the series on YouTube and IGTV. If you want to catch more episodes, you can subscribe to Halsey’s YouTube channel to stay updated.

To us, as fans of Halsey, we’re not surprised that the superstar is using her platform to openly address American issues and we’re glad she’s doing so! It’s always important to have someone with great influence to speak on the issues that are dear to them. We’re incredibly proud of Halsey on opening an informative dialogue with Bernie Sanders for fans around the world to see.

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