Niall Horan Announced A Special Concert Livestream And We Can’t Wait For It!

Niall Horan Announced A Special Concert Livestream And We Can’t Wait For It!

We know you missed him, almost as much as we did. And we have the best news ever. Niall Horan announced a special concert livestream at London’s Royal Albert Hall! The show will kick off on Saturday, November 7th at 8 PM GMT and will incontestably be memorable. More than a concert, the one-off event will also be a touching gesture toward the touring industry. Don’t miss out on any details: we got them all for you!

What can we expect from this live show?

First of all, Niall will perform on one of the most prestigious scenes in London, the Royal Albert Hall. Not only will we enjoy his pure voice but also his whole band playing live! And good news: the live-stream will be available from everywhere around the globe! We’re sure you’re curious about what songs will feature on Niall’s setlist, and we might have a few hints! All we know for now is that our favorite Irish guy will cover songs from both of his albums Flicker and Heartbreak Weather as well as some surprises… Place your bets!

Niall Horan Announced Special Concert
Featured Image Source: Conor McDonnell

What is this special event taking place for?

The music and touring industries have both been impacted by the pandemic going around all year long. Indeed, in between postponed and canceled tours and festivals/events, crews have had a tough year. As a result, Niall himself had to cancel his worldwide tour. Touring crews faced some serious damage on their lives, sometimes losing everything they had due to the lack of solutions brought by the British Government.

I know that live events are something we all miss, and until we are able to return I want to highlight the incredible people who work in touring, that make those events possible and whose livelihoods have been severely affected.

– Niall Horan about the live-streamed concert

Therefore, he decided to launch his own gig to ‘raise awareness’ about their major role in the making of tours. The funds raised by the purchases of tickets will be used to pay Niall’s tour crew and the rest will go to another action called ‘We Need Crew’. Their mission is to create a specific fund for live music touring crews so that those who need it the most can get back on track. In addition to that, the initiative hopes it can encourage other artists to power such events.

Niall Horan Announced Special Concert
Featured Image Source: Christian Terney

A few bonus info?

You wouldn’t want to miss the general sale, right? Then put your alarm on, tickets will be available from Friday, October 16th, 9 AM BST! The price of the ticket will be £16, and you will be able to purchase it in the main currency of your timezone! Consequently, four timezones have been displayed on the website, check them out and pick the most accurate one! Finally, at the checkout, you will have the opportunity to make a charity donation to the global #WeNeedCrew Relief and to the Irish AIST hardship fund.

Niall Horan Announced Special Concert
Featured Image Source: @niallhoran / Instagram

Soooooo, Niall fans, how are we feeling? Excited about the concert? Anxious about the sale? Bookmaking about the songs he’ll perform on stage? Let us know everything by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or leaving us a comment below!


Featured Image Source: Conor McDonnell

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