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PENTAGON Makes Their Biggest Comeback Yet With ‘Daisy’

PENTAGON Makes Their Biggest Comeback Yet With ‘Daisy’

PENTAGON made their second comeback of the year with their 10th mini-album, WE:TH, and their rock-influenced title track, ‘Daisy’.

Following their first full-length album from earlier this year and their participation in Road To Kingdom, PENTAGON came back with their 10th mini-album. The EP consists of five songs very different one from another, and it’s safe to say that it is one of their best works yet.

Everyone seemed to agree as the ‘Daisy’ music video earned about 3M views on YouTube in the first 24 hours after its release, almost doubling their personal record on ‘Dr. BeBe’ with only 1.8M. The song debuted on the Genius chart at No. 15 and then went up to No. 10 on the first day. On the second day, ‘Daisy’ reached number No. 9, making it their highest peak on the Genius chart ever.

WE:TH also broke their personal selling record. The pre-orders only exceeded the first day sales of their best-selling album, Universe: The Black Hall, which was released earlier this year. On the second day after its release, WE:TH sold more copies than Universe: The Black Hall did in a week. The album also reached No. 2 on the Worldwide iTunes charts.

In other words, in about six months, PENTAGON’s success doubled and made this comeback, their biggest one yet.


PENTAGON took a whole different turn with ‘Daisy’. The song itself is heavily influenced by rock and reminds of songs from KPOP bands like Day6. The lyrics as well as the vocals are full of raw emotions over the hurt left by a love that feels like it was fake love. It starts with a soft pop guitar but quickly falls into the rock genre making it so different and fresh, and an absolute masterpiece. The production is outstanding, the vocals immerse you into a whole different world, and the rap is so powerful as well. 

When it comes to the music video for ‘Daisy’, PENTAGON didn’t hold back this time. It’s three-minutes full of different sets that explore a diverse color palette as each member has their individual set with different colors and lights. The choreography set is blue as they wear all-white outfits; it’s dark and elegant. The colorful sets clash with the more black and white sets, making it a visual masterpiece. And it fits perfectly the feeling of desperation in the song.

Apart from ‘Daisy’, PENTAGON’s 10th mini-album serves a vast majority of diversity of sounds in only five songs.


While ‘Daisy’ is very rock-influenced, the second track in the album, ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ is very different. It follows under a much more pop sound, but it’s as emotional as the title track. The lyrics long for someone not to leave. Unfortunately, the last chorus takes a turn and makes it clear that they’re already gone.

Don’t let the music fool you, ‘Nostalgia’ also falls under the sad category as well in spite of its poppy guitar and bright sounding production. Wooseok wrote and produced it himself. The song talks about the nostalgia of a lost happier moment and a lost self, but the last chorus does take a turn and it ends with a drop of hope.

‘Like You’ surprised everyone to the point that fans of different groups are already making edits with it. The song opens up with a soft piano, Hui’s strong vocals, and some harmonies, just to lead into a much more hip-hop influenced sound. Hui said that he wrote the song about how a lot of people tell him what he should do as a songwriter and producer. He wrote the song to show those people that he would do whatever he wants, and that’s why it has such a big and surprisng plot twist.

And finally, ‘Paradise’ closes off the digital version of the mini-album. It’s a more EDM driven song dedicated to Universe, the fans, that provides them with a safe place.

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Source: CUBE Entertainment

Overall, WE:TH is composed of songs that take influences on different genres. Every song is delivered with very powerful raps and vocals, as expected from PENTAGON. Everything about this is amazing and so worth a listen.

Did you love ‘Daisy’ as much as we did? What was your favorite song on the EP? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.

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Featured image source: CUBE Entertainment

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