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5 Songs To Listen To Before Keshi Releases His New EP always

5 Songs To Listen To Before Keshi Releases His New EP always

It’s been a while since we had a full release from our favorite alternative-pop/r&b artist, Keshi. The 25-year-old artist thrilled fans when he revealed his newest EP always will drop on October 23rd. It’s a little less than two weeks away! We’re so excited to be able to hear more songs from the artist whose unique singing voice can relax yet fill us with so many emotions. The EP will have six tracks, including the pre-release singles, ‘always,’ ‘more,’ and ‘drunk.’ Upon the reveal, Keshi always shared a snipped from the song ‘talk’ which is the other track included on the EP in addition to ‘B.Y.S’ and ‘us.’

Image Source: Keshi via Twitter

In case you don’t know who Keshi is, he is an Asian-American artist who has worked alongside many of our favorite artists. Some of our favorite artists that he has worked with are Jae from the k-pop band Day6 and LANY. Keshi’s songs that dazzle the general public have been so popular since the start of his career that he has accumulated over 300 million streams with his songs. We’re so in love with Keshi and his music style that we’re always looking for opportunities to support him!

Keshi is an artist who has made himself known for the meaningful lyrics he puts in his music. With each release, he has explored and played around with different genres, successfully mixing them with his lo-fi hip hop sounds and creating something chillingly beautiful and all his own. While his entire discography is impeccable, we’ve picked five songs that we think everyone should include on their playlist, especially to get themselves hyped up for the release of his new EP.

‘2 soon’

“Stay over and we’ll call it love” When you listen to ‘2 soon,’ you will quickly realize why it is one of Keshi’s most streamed songs. His voice is like velvet, and while the song gives a calm and relax feeling while listening, Keshi’s voice is filled with longing emotion, thus invoking that same emotion within listeners. It puts us under a spell every time we listen, and it’s an example of the thought-provoking lyrics we find in all of Keshi’s music.


“Tear me to pieces/I won’t even feel it” ‘Blue’ has lyrics that are sure to hit you hard, and it’s why you need to listen. All of Keshi’s songs are meaningful, able to convey your emotions with the words you don’t have, and ‘Blue’ might be one of the best examples of this. Keshi’s falsetto and guitar track hit us right in the soul as he sings about missing friends, losing touch with them as life changes. It’s a feeling that most of us know all too well, and Keshi puts perfectly how we feel in this song.

‘the reaper’

“She don’t want me, but I burn inside/She don’t wanna keep this heart of mine” This song reminds us of the sounds we may have heard in the early 2000’s R&B, and the guitar that plays along with it almost sounds romantic, but that is not what ‘the reaper’ is about. A chilling song of heartbreak, we love it for its beats and how Keshi’s voice flows in harmony with it. The music plays in contrast to the song’s meaning, making it heartbreakingly beautiful; it’s a sound that keeps us coming back for more and why we have ‘the reaper’ on repeat.

‘like i need you’

“But you don’t need me like I need you/Pray that I won’t be alone” Also from THE REAPER EP, ‘like i need u’ may be one of Keshi’s most well-known songs. It has these similar early 2000’s beats we hear in much of the EP and provides us with the lo-fi hip hop sounds that Keshi has been known for. The feeling of having unrequited love is felt when we listen and is another masterpiece from Keshi that has us feeling exactly what he was at the time of this song. 

‘right here’

“I think some words are overdue/Could we just do it over?” ‘right here’ shows us a different song about heartbreak than the other songs on this list. This tune displays the angst that often comes with a break-up, but also offers the chance of reconciliation. It’s a relationship that we have all come across, and Keshi’s music genius has once again described our feelings in a way we were unable to before.

What songs are you all claiming for the release? We’re still in love with the single ‘more’ but ‘talk’ sounds so promising. We’re excited to see the styles that Keshi will introduce us to with his newest EP on October 23rd. Congratulations on the newest EP and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you Keshi! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Keshi via Twitter

Words: Rachel Collucci and Keisha-Tara Watkin

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