Hey Buddy, GFRIEND Tells All in Final Album of the 回 Series

Hey Buddy, GFRIEND Tells All in Final Album of the 回 Series

We met them at the ‘Crossroads’ in the beginning of 2020, but GFRIEND  wasn’t ready to stop there! They found their direction and taking us on their journey with another studio album 回: Walpurgis Night, coming November 9th!

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: Walpurgis Night dwindles to the final episode of GFRIEND’s epic “回 series,” which started with 回: LABYRINTH in February. Since the releasing of this EP and surprising us with ‘Crossroads,’ GFRIEND kept busy to not lead us in the path of disappointment and yet again shocked the airwaves with another EP, 回: Song of the Sirens in July!

The Deets On : Walpurgis Night

As the two previous EPs in the “回 series” started the trajectory of GFRIEND’s change, this full-length album is the pinnacle of their story! We literally can’t wait! Yep, we’ll say it again; it’s a full album!  We’ve been waiting for one since Time For Us last year!

While there’s no surprise because we love it, but 回: Walpurgis Night is in collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment again! And you know a collab like that, like we saw with 回: LABYRINTH and 回: Song of the Sirens, this album is going to emulate just what GFRIEND want us to hear—a newly defined musical maturity! Oh, but buddy you know they were already great story tellers and performers! The future sounds so exciting!

Where Can You Snatch Your Copy, Buddy

While we’re still waiting for more details, we do know that pre-orders will begin on October 19!  Remember it’s set to release on November 9, but head over to Weverse or Fancafe to stay updated! Also, be sure to check back with us now that we have their new album on our radar!

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