7 Pixar Movies To Watch Before Soul This Christmas

7 Pixar Movies To Watch Before Soul This Christmas

We are counting down the days until Pixar’s new original movie Soul drops on Disney+ this Christmas. And to make the wait more bearable, we have compiled a list for you of our top seven Pixar movies to watch before this new sure-to-be favorite drops in just two months!

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Before we get into it, let’s refresh our memories and get re-excited for Soul. Pixar just dropped a new trailer for the flick and it looks just so good!
Soul is about Joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher, who finds himself, due to unforeseen circumstances, in The Great Before instead of New York City. The Great Before is where new souls get their quirks and personality traits before they get to earth. Here Joe goes on adventures with a soul called 22 and might just be able to answer questions that humans have been asking themselves for forever.

Check out the new trailer here

This looks amazing don’t you think? We think so too and while we wait let’s get into the seven Pixar movies we recommend you watch before enjoying this gem.

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Inside Out




The Incredibles

A Bug’s Life

Monster Inc

We, here at The Honey Pop, cannot get enough of Pixar, that’s for sure! The excitement for Soul is real! Which is your favorite Pixar movie? Are you excited about the new movie coming at Christmas? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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