Alaina Castillo Asks You To ¡párate! In New Single

Alaina Castillo Asks You To ¡párate! In New Single

Alaina Castillo is the teen queen of rising stars, and she is back with ‘¡párate!’ Once you hear it, we promise you’ll have it on repeat in no time.

Genre Bending Beat

Alaina is no newbie to breaking the genre rules, as the sultry sound of the new track features a mix of latin beats with r&b undertones and a pop vocal. The singer definitely makes her mark on the music industry with each release, as each new song seems so versatile yet personal lyrically.

párate is a song about feeling so weak, mentally and physically, that you eventually just get fed up with it and decide to say, enough, get up & start moving towards the life you want to live and the growth that you desire. It’s talking about a change or a movement that is started by trying to overcome those challenges.

— Alaina Castillo

On a Roll

The new single comes just after the release of Alaina’s antisocial party anthem ’tonight‘, which sees the effortless mixing of catchy pop and electro undertones transforming her into a one of a kind popstar. The video showcases Alaina embracing her feels, having a euphoria-style party for one.

¡párate!’ is definitely the Spanish bop we needed, especially after Alaina’s release of her Mensajes De Voz EP- the Spanish version of her The Voicenotes EP.

What do you think of ’¡párate!?‘ Are you an Alaina Castillo stan? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop.

To Learn More About Alaina Castillo:

Featured Image Source: Alaina Castillo via Youtube

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