Did You Catch The New SEVENTEEN ‘HOME;RUN’ MV Teasers?

Did You Catch The New SEVENTEEN ‘HOME;RUN’ MV Teasers?

Everyone knows when an MV teaser is released, the official music video isn’t too far behind, and we cannot wait for SEVENTEEN to drop theirs for lead track,’HOME;RUN’.

A HOME;RUN Of A Teaser

We know we haven’t even seen the MV yet, but just by the teasers, we know it’s going to be good. SVT in cool outfits, gambling and a possible heist? Need we say more?

Okay, so obviously there is a connection between the missing diamond and SVT being shown in different disguises and scenes. Will they be the ones who took it? Or are they recovering it?.How will the phrase “homerun” connect into the MV? In more of a figurative or literal way? Or is it because to get a homerun, you need everyone’s help? Yes, we have so many questions. But what we’re not questioning is the quality of their outfits and the possibility of a really cool choreo and heist storyline.

We Are Highkey Excited

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

As we are all probably aware of now, SEVENTEEN likes to pack in so much into a teaser, that makes us wishing we just had the MV already! But fear not Carats, it’s not for too long! The official MV will be premiering, October 19th at 6 PM KST. So make sure your notifications are on and you’re ready to view it, here!.

As you probably can tell we are super excited for ‘HOME;RUN’ MV, How excited are you for it? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

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1 year ago

I’m so excited!!!!!! It’s only a few hours away now

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