Ashton Irwin Reminds Us to Face the World With Courage in ‘SCAR’


We know Ashton Irwin said this album would be personal, but we still weren’t prepared for the vulnerability Irwin continues to show. His newest single, ‘SCAR’, just showcases that even more.

The world has a way of weighing people down, and some come out the other side beat up, but still kicking and screaming to make it work, and they show courage daily to continue, no matter how many scars the pressures and problems of the world may leave behind.

The World Leaves Us Scarred, But Ashton Gives Us Courage

This single tells the story of just that. Someone searching for the light at the end of chaos and looking for ways to deal with their problems.

“Got me wishin’ God would show me the way
Show me heaven maybe just for a day
I’m feeling something that I don’t understand
Can you help me be a better man?”

The track opens up with beautiful twinkling dream-like sounds. Drifting entirely to Ashton Irwin’s soft-toned voice floating lightly over the lyrics. The sound makes the darker meaning sound almost happy and cheerful.

The chorus offers that guiding light, a reminder that the world leaves scars on everyone; there’s no need to go because you can get through it. In these challenging times, this is a message that many may resonate with. The worldwide lockdowns have shown so many the best and worst of themselves.

“There’s no need to run and hide
When the world leaves a scar
There’s no need to say goodbye
When the world leaves a scar”

A Powerful Personal Project

Showing even more openness in his artform, Ashton brings his personal life into this project, mentioning his siblings in verses three and four. He reminds them that there’s always something to look forward to, offering words of wisdom and a helping hand from an older brother. Can we say sibling goals?

Ending the song on a super-powerful note and slamming the message to the masses, Irwin reminds everyone to show courage “when the world leaves a scar,” as his rock-like adlibs echo in the background.

“Break down the door
There’s something more
Don’t be afraid that in the end, you’ll be nothing”

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With SCAR only being the third solo Ashton Irwin track we’ve heard off Superbloom, excited is an understatement to describe how we’re going to feel on the 23rd! With the deep subjects, he’s touched on already in ‘Skinny Skinny’ and ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For?’ we can only imagine how much this album is going to help so many fans, new or old, with its inspiring messages that each song has portrayed so far. 

Listen to the new song below and let us know what you took away from the lyrics!

Ashton Irwin – ‘SCAR’

What do you think of Ashton’s solo project? Are you excited about the upcoming album, Superbloom? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop!


Featured Image via Ashton Irwin on Instagram

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