Coming To You Live, It’s The Late Sh!t Show!

Coming To You Live, It’s The Late Sh!t Show!

Here at THP, we love Grayscale. And why wouldn’t you, they always have something cool in the works and not to mention, their music is fire. Like many other artists facing the dilemma of no live music during COVID, they decided on sharing a livestream with their fans. But this wasn’t any regular livestream concert, no no no, it was The Late Sh!t Show!

It’s the late night talk show we’ve been waiting for TBH. You have Nick Ventimiglia as the host, Herb Strohman. There were special guest interviews and musical performances, and surprisingly, some animal guests! You don’t see that on late night television everyday do ya? Oh, and no commercial breaks, which is fantastic.

Among some of the guests on the show were Derek and Jeremy from Mayday Parade, Alan Day from Four Year Strong, and the members of Grayscale themselves! They all talked about different things, like song collabs, favorite guitarists, custom drums, and so much more. There was a snake involved, Nick Veno did not seem to enjoy that too much, along with some chickens and a porcupine for some reason but we loved it honestly. Herb shared hot wings with Andrew Kyne, hit Collin Walsh with a lot of water and shared a White Claw, and some emotions, with Dallas Molster, so the whole Grayscale crew got some interesting experiences.

Mayday Parade on The Late Sh!t Show
Image Source: The Late Sh!t Show

See, we told you there was a chicken. And a porcupine.

We told you there was a chicken
Image Source: The Late Sh!t Show
Image Source: The Late Sh!t Show

After poor Andrew was subjected to some insanely hot, hot wings, Grayscale performed their first song, ‘Say Something’, the acoustic version! Like all of their performances, this one was amazing. Along with ‘Say Something’, the band played ‘YOUNG’ and ‘Slept’. Another wonder from The Late Sh!t Show was the premiere of a brand new song and music video. The track, called ‘Diamond’ just dropped for the general public recently.

Surprise, surprise, the music video is out now, so you can see it too!

There was also a really cool bit with an animated, comic book style short about The Incredible Nella Vita. We don’t know much about that, but she looks like a superhero based off of their latest album, super freaking cool right? We wonder if she’ll be making an appearance again đź‘€

Image Source: The Late Sh!t Show
Image Source: The Late Sh!t Show

Overall, the show was a lot of fun and we’re glad we got a chance to enjoy it! If you bought a ticket, you can still view the stream for a limited time! If you missed out, lucky for you that we were able to catch you up to speed ;)! We loved seeing the band come together to perform and the show itself was a refreshing twist on the livestream concert. We hope to see something like this again in the future, perhaps with some different celebrity, and animal, guests!

Image Source: The Late Sh!t Show

Did you get a chance to watch the stream? Do you want another episode of The Late Sh!t Show? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP.

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Featured Image Source: Grayscale – The Late Sh!t Show

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