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It’s Always ‘Happiness’ For Us When We Hear Little Mix

It’s Always ‘Happiness’ For Us When We Hear Little Mix

Mixers and THP fam alike! Little Mix is out with a new single off Confetti and it’s bringing us complete ‘Happiness!’ Everything from the lyrics, to the sound and the girls’ voices, here’s what we love about their new single!

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The Powerful Self-Love Lyrics

We love Little Mix for not only their lovely personalities but how it shines through their lyrics. As long as we’ve been Mixers, we have learned through the self-love for themselves, we have the same capability when it comes to ourselves! Immediately we know that this is yet again one of those tracks and we love the fact they are so relatable! Though the girls admit they were left in heartbreak after a breakup in ‘Happiness,’ while in a relationship they were convinced bring them happiness, they still found it in themselves and that is such an important thing to remember when we look at ourselves in the mirror! Below are some of our favorite lines from the single and what they mean to us!

“Got a smile on my face/Love my reflection/In a better place/No longer stressing/Ooh yeah/About you yeah”

They found the strength to continue smiling and understand that their personal happiness doesn’t depend on others.

“Brand new evolution of me/Ever since I let you go/Finally I’m learning things/I never knew before/Ooh yeah/Never knew before/Ooh yeah”

Though a relationship can drain every ounce out of a soul, the breakup can still be devastating. Sometimes, it isn’t until the other person is gone and the realization of the toxicity becomes clear, that the chance to blossom begins and develops into the true self, unhindered!

The Joyful Sound

We love a good pop song and this is it! ‘Happiness’ sounds like it came straight out of the 90s or early 2000s when girl groups took the crown! With this single, Leigh-Ann, Perrie, Jade and Jesy are currently the new queens from this reign! From a heavy beat in the pre-chorus and the verses, the chorus picks up and there is a shift to an explosive and joyful sound! It’s almost as if it is aligning with the march of our hearts! ‘Happiness’ is our new self-love anthem!

We also can’t get over the fact of how good the girls’ voices sound! Don’t get us wrong, they always sound so angelic but the harmonies in ‘Happiness’ are dynamic! Shivers. Overall, the sound is gorgeous and thus we can’t wait to hear this one live!

Get your copy of ‘Happiness’ now!

We know you already know because you’re waiting in anticipation like we are but Confetti is out November 6th! Remember you can pre-order it here! Also coming this November, our queens are releasing their LM5: The Tour Film to select theaters worldwide on the 21st and 22nd! To learn more information including showtimes, theaters and to purchase tickets on over here!

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