Mayday Parade Drops New Video For ‘First Train’ Off New EP OUT OF HERE

Mayday Parade Drops New Video For ‘First Train’ Off New EP OUT OF HERE

Pop-punk veterans Mayday Parade are back to bless us with an uplifting and inspiring track called ‘First Train’ off of the newly released EP titled Out Of Here. Along with the new song is also a brand new music video featuring J. Galvin Wilde (Stranger Things) who wins an award from us at The Honey Pop for bravery as he decides to take on his bully. You can view the new music video for ‘First Train’ below.

Mayday Parades official video for the song ‘First Train’

Sitting down to write this article this writer pulled up the video and immediately fell in love with the sci-fi synthesizers that introed in. Watching someone get bullied is never an easy thing to do, but Mayday Parade spent this entire video making us root for our main character as he goes through the trials and tribulations of taking ownership of the situation he is stuck in. J. Gaven Wilde spends the rest of the video putting together his own comeback to gain control over his bullying and we couldn’t wait to see that outcome.

Speaking more directly about the song itself, this is inspiring anthem about taking control of your life and not letting the negatives completely write the rest of your story. Mayday Parade delivers this in the exact way they are known for. We get beautiful ringing guitars, heavy drums, solid bass lines, and absolutely incredible vocals. This will be a song we at The Honey Pop will be screaming out of our car windows! If ever you needed a great pick me up, this is the track for you. Our current favorite lyrics are:

So don’t hold on to the pain from yesterday. We’re gonna move on away…

Mayday Parade ‘Out Of Here’ E.P. Available Now

Along with a new track and video, Mayday Parade also released the new three song EP that is available on streaming platforms today. You can click here to stream. Here is a bit of info about the new EP from the band’s press release:

The EP was recorded in early March with longtime collaborators Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount and follows the band’s 6th full-length LP Sunnyland. A band known for their high-energy and impressive live shows, 2020 has met the band with a marked change of pace and will see the longest stretch in their 15-year career without performing a show. The band has already been announced for several festivals across the globe in 2021 and will soon be announcing special livestreaming performances taking place throughout the fall.

In the year 2020 it has been really nice to see bands coming up with such positive tunes to keep our spirits high. Is this going to be on your new uplifting playlist? Let us know by following @TheHoneyPop on Twitter and Instagram.

Keep Up With MAYDAY PARADE Here:

FEATURED IMAGE Credit: Bridget Craig

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