Sinéad Harnett Is Our Favorite Escape With ‘Take Me Away’ Featuring EarthGang

Sinéad Harnett Is Our Favorite Escape With ‘Take Me Away’ Featuring EarthGang

There’s a calming effect about Sinéad Harnett’s new single ‘Take Me Away,’ featuring EarthGang. The moment we heard it, we felt a sense of ease and all of our stress seemed to simply wash away in the ocean of sound. So, if you’re looking for an escape, even for less than two minutes, she’s got you covered. Keep reading for our review!

Her Voice and the Sound Production

The whole track is a whole relaxed vibe! Produced by GRADES, ‘Take Me Away’ opens with Sinéad’s sweet harmonies and laidback guitar that quickly transforms into a classic R&B beat. Even her voice is soothing! She effortlessly carries the melody that demonstrates her ability to control her voice in a way that is still powerful but achieves the same cool atmosphere of the song. While we know she’s capable of hitting those high notes at any moment being the North London R&B powerhouse that she is, we appreciate the meditative quality to it in this one!

The Chill Lyrics

Written by Sinéad, Johnny Venus (Olu), and Daniel Traynor (GRADES), she wonders over the idea of finding inner peace and drifting into serenity as the titled suggests. Through the lyrics simply said that can be interpreted as any kind of stressor, they also convey the overall message of chilling out. It’s easy to put ourselves in the place of Sinéad in ‘Take Me Away,’ especially when she says “Let’s in hop in the car, I want to find some inner peace” as we all want to leave our responsibilities behind just to escape away from the pressures.

Halfway through the track, EarthGang chimes in offering the same tranquil mantra, again relatable, particularly in the line “I put a mask on for the world, we all do.”  Whether the “mask” literally implies the current pandemic or figuratively as we often hide our true emotions by putting on a “face.”  Believe us when we say, ‘Take Me Away’ is now on repeat! We love it and we hope you do too!  

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