The World is Grayscale’s Diamond & We’re Living in it

The World is Grayscale’s Diamond & We’re Living in it

We might be heading straight for colder weather, but Grayscale is heating things up with their brand new single ‘Diamond’! While knee-deep in a global pandemic, no end currently in sight, this upbeat and funky track is precisely the kind of wholesome content we need. 

In stark contrast to the majority of their previous darker releases, ‘Diamond’ displays nothing but good vibes and happy times, enjoying life, and living in the moment. And honestly? We cannot. stop. grooving. It’s the perfect song to jam to, no matter your mood. It’s instantly uplifting. Kind of hard to feel sad while dancing and singing about how great life is. Fake it ’til you make it.

“Damn, I’m feeling alive!”

The dazzling single drops mere weeks after the re-workings of three Nella Vita tracks, existing in the form of an EP, and the band’s very own prime-time television slot for The Late Sh!t Show! Sort of. Technicalities, am I right?

These guys sure have been busy in their “down” time while COVID has touring at a halt. Regular merch drops, an array of different twitch streams, why not add new music to that list? Because who needs sleep when you can shatter every single expectation around you. Oh, this single has us SO stoked for what’s to come.

While drastically different in subject matter from the lyrics found on Nella Vita and Adornment, ‘Diamond’ definitely feels like a natural progression in sound evolution for this Philadelphia quintet. The video, which initially premiered during their Late Sh!t Show, is vibrant and colorful and again, unlike the majority of their previous releases. Is Grayscale taking a turn for happy vibes on LP #3? Honestly, we’d support it. Here’s hoping you will too!

Watch the video for ‘Diamond’ now!

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