Get Spooky With The Ultimate KPOP Halloween Playlist!

Get Spooky With The Ultimate KPOP Halloween Playlist!

All KPOP fans know there are songs for every style and season when it comes to our favourite Korean artists. But there’s something extra special about the dark and supernatural concepts that creep up around Halloween each year. Here at The Honey POP, we can’t get enough of all things autumn and that includes the spooky KPOP tracks we have on repeat. So we’ve put together a playlist of spine-tingling anthems both old and new, leaving you more time to choose what creepy concept you’ll be using for costume inspo.

Because there are so many incredible artists to chose from, we’ve included the MVs with the strongest Halloween vibes for this list. But never fear. If you don’t see your faves here, keep scrolling to the end for our ultimate Spotify playlist. There you can find enough scary KPOP tunes to keep your party going all October long!

2NE1 – It Hurts

Legendary girl group 2NE1 kick off our list with mellow, witchy offering ‘It Hurts.’ The gloomy fall vibes and airy vocals make it both highly aesthetic and the perfect song to chill out with.

Kim Jaejoong – Mine

From chill to chilling. Jaejoong of JYJ slays the undead look to bring us an intense rock song with a dark anime-opening MV to match. P.S. we need that crystal skull.

Sunmi – Full Moon

Sunmi is always stealing hearts; sometimes more literally than others. ‘Full Moon’ is a sensual tribute to the timeless romance-novel favourite, the vampire. Even the choreography is to die for…

Boyfriend – Witch

Boyfriend investigate a supernatural mystery in this dramatic MV, but will they manage to save themselves? The catchy dance hook will definitely have your body going “boom bara boom.”

Twice – Yes or Yes

For such a cute group of girls Twice sure have a lot of iconic Halloween concepts (see also: Like Ohh-Ahh, TT). But their haunted carnival in ‘Yes or Yes’ is the one that really gives us the creeps! In the best way, of course.

Narsha – Biribaba

Warning: this song will get stuck in your head. Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha delivers possibly the catchiest song ever, in the scariest possible way. We’re not sure exactly what’s going on but we know we’re freaked out.

KARD – You In Me

This song sounds spooky right from the intro, as the co-ed quartet put a dark twist on their signature tropical house sound. Make sure to watch the MV to the end for a chilling reveal!

Cross Gene – Billion Dolla

Cross Gene released ‘Billion Dolla’ as the theme song for zombie movie Zedd. The music video is fittingly cinematic but also hilariously showcases the power of a good dance number.

Dreamcatcher – Chase Me/Good Night

Since their debut, Dreamcatcher have been releasing eerie bop after bop and making themselves known as the scream queens of KPOP. We included ‘Good Night’ as a bonus track as it’s the follow-up to the ‘Chase Me’ storyline.

Monsta X – Shoot Out

We walked like zombies into this one. Monsta X are famous for their powerful performances and ‘Shoot Out’ brings that energy into Halloween with this Seven Deadly Sins concept.

1NB – Stalker

We were low-key devastated that 1NB’s ‘Where U At?’ wasn’t on Spotify. But luckily these ladies have another spine-chilling masterpiece for us that is just as gorgeous and scary.

100% – Beat

There are so many great Halloween hits from 2nd and 3rd gen boy groups, but 100% beat out the competition for this spot. Not only is the song next-level but the video is extremely creepy too. Deserved.

Laboum – Turn It On

Laboum has given us a stunning modern take on the classic KPOP zombie MV and we are living for it (for now…). Notable trendsetters in this genre include T-ara’s ‘Lovey Dovey’ and 4Minute’s ‘What’s Your Name?’.

Ladies’ Code – Hate You

Ladies’ Code transcend genre with their music, and maybe that’s why this song is such a breath of fresh air. ‘Hate You’ has a stripped back feel but gets plenty of spook from the MV.

Red Velvet – RBB (Really Bad Boy)

Red Velvet are concept chameleons but we love their supernatural themes. Although Irene and Seulgi have recently released their own ‘Monster’ hit, we’ve gone with ‘RBB’ for its over-the-top Halloween fun.

Lee Jung Hyun – V

If you’re a newer KPOP stan you might not have heard this one, but ‘V’ is fun and flirty, with a seriously disturbing MV! It co-stars actor Jin Goo as an unsuspecting groom to this obsessive ghostly bride.

Block B – Jackpot

Block B are legit terrifying as crazed clowns in a psychedelic funhouse (we’re sensing a theme here). But thankfully the song is so good you’ll soon forget all about the scary, scary clowns.

VIXX – Voodoo Doll

Kings of the occult VIXX have too many hair-raising hits to list, but we had to pick just one for this list. ‘Voodoo Doll’ is the ultimate eerie song with a terrifying MV to match. The perfect group for the Halloween season!

(G)I-DLE – Oh My God

From veterans of the macabre to monster rookies bringing the fright to 2020 (as if it needed any more). ‘Oh My God’ composed by member Soyeon is a visual, visceral delight with a creepy and addictive sound.

SHINee – Married To The Music

Last but not least, SHINee take us to a haunted Halloween party in ‘Married To The Music’. Despite the glowing drinks, flying heads, and missing body parts we’re still RSVPing yes!

Congratulations, you made it through our twisted list of the spookiest KPOP MVs. Now here’s another treat for you! Our Spotify playlist brimming with even more scary songs and bone-shaking bops to make sure you have a fang-tastic Halloween!

So witch of your favourite artists made the list? Let us know in the comments below, @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! And if you want to socialize with other KPOP lovers, you can join our coven on Discord 🦇

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1 year ago

I love seeing Kard up there ahh! I really love this playlist I also think RV really own Halloween concepts! Especially Bad Boy is my favorite. SHINee’s Married to the music is truly a gem and so creepy! Gonna have these songs on replay!


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