VÉRITÉ Takes Fans to a Virtual World for New Limbs: Volume 1

VÉRITÉ Takes Fans to a Virtual World for New Limbs: Volume 1

Finding a new way to interact with fans during these times, VÉRITÉ set up a whole virtual world with the help of Gather.Town to give fans a different experience to share in the release of her latest project, New Limbs: Volume 1.

Offering a whole world for fans to explore, each different space represented songs from the EP and featured hidden or unreleased merchandise, voice memos, videos, and artwork.

It was customizable with fans being able to alter their character names and looks; you could just venture out and discover the world on your own, even though VÉRITÉ did give out some super helpful hints at the start!

There was also a feature to interact with other fans via webcam, and some lucky fans even had the chance to find VÉRITÉ herself! And to remember the whole event, there was a whiteboard that everyone could write on!

Each area of the world of New Limbs had its own special look, fitting inside of the aesthetic that VÉRITÉ put together for this EP. Like the graveyard, where you could find hidden pictures from her graveyard photoshoot.

Image via The World of New Limbs

Filled with hidden lyrics videos, live performances, handwritten notes, and lots of new photos, this virtual world was a wonderful way to showcase all that VÉRITÉ had to give her fans!

Another amazing work of art that came out of lockdown, New Limbs: Volume 1, has been described as a mirror of the uncertain times we have all been adjusting to, and VÉRITÉ recorded this EP during COVID after having to cancel her planned tour. It’s amazing to see what so many artists are doing in these changing times and how adaptable they have become to try their best to interact and stay connected to their fans!

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Featured Image Source: VÉRITÉ via Instagram

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[…] us. From her new EP, New Limbs: Volume 1, to the project’s whole aesthetic and even finding new innovative ways to connect with fans, we are in awe of the consistent quality of work and ideas she continues to put out. And luckily, […]

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