It Wouldn’t Feel Like Christmas Without Ava Max

It Wouldn’t Feel Like Christmas Without Ava Max

We know 2020 has made us forget the concept of time, but it’s already time to get those Christmas songs ready! Ava Max reminded us of that when she dropped her new Christmas song, ‘Christmas Without You.’

A Christmas song is definitely not what we were expecting, but we’re so here for it. What better way to spend our Christmas season time than listening to Ava Max?

Can we talk about how much of a bop ‘Christmas Without You’ is? Though it’s a Christmas song, we don’t think we’ll ever get over it even after the New Year. Ava gave us just what we need to get through the rest of 2020, didn’t she? The answer is yes, yes, she did.

You Can Also Listen to ‘Christmas Without You’ here!

Ava is so talented vocally. We mean, have you heard her debut album Heaven & Hell? It seems like a Christmas song is a complete turn around when you look at the title of her album, and that goes to show how versatile Ava can be musically.

What did you think of ‘Christmas Without You’? Let us know what you think by commenting below, tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk with us at The Hive!


Want more Ava? We gotchu.

Featured Image Source: ‘Christmas Without You’ Cover Art

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