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LOONA Is Officially Back So ‘Why Not’ Check It Out?

LOONA Is Officially Back So ‘Why Not’ Check It Out?

As their second comeback of the year, LOONA is back with their third mini-album, [12:00], and their addictive title track, ‘Why Not’.

After their first win on a music show with ‘So What’, needless to say, that everyone was expecting LOONA’s next comeback to be bigger than ever before – and it was. Not only the album was produced by the founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo-Man, but also LOONA went from selling a bit more than 1,000 copies on the first day with their last album, #to selling more than 13k copies in only a couple of hours with [12:00]. This can be explained by their growing popularity but also by how good this mini-album is as a whole.

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‘Why Not’

[12:00] starts off with an intro with the same name. It’s an instrumental track that sends you to another dimension, to space, with its sampling and the almost galactic sounds.

It includes a lot of new elements but also retro elements. Whether it’s the music video or the music itself, there’s a kind of clash between both modern and retro – which we absolutely love. ‘Why Not’ is an uptempo pop song about finding yourself. It’s funky and charismatic. Once again, LOONA showcased their amazing rap skills. The build-up towards the chorus, and the drop, is absolutely perfect with those flawless vocals and that amazing production. And of course, the chorus itself will get stuck in your head for hours on end, but in the best way possible.

When it comes to the music video, LOONA did not disappoint. Just as the sound of the song, it also mixes a lot of modern and retro elements. The music video gives a lot of elements that are related to their universe, and Orbits are already having a million theories about it. With different styles and settings, the concept of the music video fits perfectly with the vibe of the song and it feels like they’re one piece of the other. And of course, the visuals are stunning.


Their 3rd mini-album is made of eight songs making it the longest LOONA EP yet. By listening to ‘Why Not’, you might expect b-sides that are very explosive, but most of the songs are quite the opposite. It also features big names in the industry such as Trackside (Selena Gomez, The Chainsmokers), Georgia Ku (Dua Lipa, Martin Garrix, Zedd), Jesse Saint John (Lizzo, Charli XCX), Coach, & Sendo.

‘Voice’ is the second full track in the album and it’s an energetic but comforting song that showcases all of their vocals beautifully. It’s about being in love and wanting to venture the world. The track has also an English version, ‘Star’, that is just as good and they even managed to reinvent the track totally. Between the Korean and the English version of the song, we still cannot get tired of it.

For ‘Fall Again’, LOONA really did bring some fall vibes in their music. With incredible vocals and R&B influence mixed with pop, they created such an amazing song. However, as cozy as this song might feel, the lyrics are indeed heartbreaking as they talk about missing someone who they fall back in love with every time fall comes back. ‘Universe’ is a dreamy electronic pop ballad that includes incredible vocals and a melodic piano. Everything about the song is comforting.

When it comes to ‘Hide & Seek’ and ‘Oops’, the vibe of the mini-album does shift. These are more hyped songs that show new elements of LOONA while staying real to themselves and their sound. ‘Hide & Seek’ is a very bright and confident song that includes what feels like videogame sounds. ‘Oops’ is a much more sassy song that’s groovy and fun. The lyrics are all about self-confidence and self-love. In other words, it slaps.

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In conclusion…

This third mini-album marks what seems to be the beginning of a new era for LOONA. They experimented with a variety of new sounds and influence, and they made it work perfectly. Every song on here feels very special and they’re probably some of the best songs they’ve ever released. With this album, LOONA calls for all girls to come together on a brand day, at Midnight, as well as with their slogan ‘With all LOOΠΔs around the world’.

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