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SEVENTEEN’S Semicolon Album Is A Homerun!

SEVENTEEN’S Semicolon Album Is A Homerun!

It’s always exciting when we get a new SEVENTEEN album and also always exciting when we get to review it.

SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon ‘HOME;RUN’ Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon album contains six tracks that make up the sound of SVT, but also the always maturing and evolving sounds that they create. Each track, besides two have the guys split into different units. Every track stands it’s own and have the possibility of being singles themselves.


Ah, ‘HOME;RUN’ the albums lead single, we haven’t stopped singing along to it since we saw the MV! It really makes you want to dance along! SVT were right when they said it would sound very theatrical and like a musical. The instrumentals are out of this world (or should we say ballpark). We can even envision it playing at baseball games. It’s a great track to open the very instrumental album that is Semicolon.

‘Do Re Mi’

Our Maknae line track, another catchy one much like ‘HOME;RUN’. The lyrics are also cute and kinda deep. It’s telling us that our feelings do matter, take time and fully engross yourself in them. Also that life goes on, bad/sad feelings pass so just keep moving forward. Someone put this in a montage happy scene in a drama.


This track is like a plot twist, it makes it seem like they are talking about a very special person, but then ends it with calling them a friend. You can’t even be mad at that, the track is called ‘HEY BUDDY’ after all, but who knows. The beat is probably our favorite thing about the track. The funky type beat is what really pulls the whole track together.

‘Light a Flame’

By the time we got to ‘Light A Flame,’ we realized how good the instrumentals and beats are on every track. It has a Latin sound to it, which we love very much especially because of the trumpets! This track does give off a different vibe than the other tracks, which makes it stand out. It does really have a more mature sound, which if you know, you know.


The transition between ‘Light A Flame’ and ‘AH! LOVE’ is low-key sending us, but don’t let that over shadow how good of a track it is. It’s such a romantic song, and relatable if you are the person who falls fast in love. The track is like an I love you so much and I hope you love me too”; “I hope we can show our love everywhere” kinda beat. Don’t skip out on this track.

‘All My Love’

Just close your eyes and imagine how cool a dance break would be at the beginning of the track. Do that and then get hit by the feels that ‘All My Love’ will bring you. It’s like ‘AH! LOVE’ is before the relationship and this track is during the relationship, when you didn’t think you could fall harder for your S.O. Which one of you will be playing it at your wedding?

Another Win For SEVENTEEN

The album perfectly shows why you should be listening to SEVENTEEN. If you haven’t listened before, Semicolon is a great place to start.

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We love all the tracks off of SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon album, we can’t pick which one is our favorite, but you know what, What was your fav track off of the album Carats? Tells us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

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