‘Words Ain’t Enough’ To Explain Just How Much We Love Tessa Violet’s New Collab

‘Words Ain’t Enough’  To Explain Just How Much We Love Tessa Violet’s New Collab

Tessa Violet has released a new collaboration of her hit song ‘Words Ain’t Enough’ with Chloe Moriondo and it is too good for us not to talk about it. The collab comes as Tessa’s way to promote her debut album Bad Ideas during the pandemic. Since her tour was canceled, due to obvious reasons, the artist has been trying to re-release fan-favorite songs with some of her friends. And ‘Words Ain’t Enough’ is just the latest addition to the project.

About ‘Words Ain’t Enough’

The song is perfect for all you indie-pop lovers out there! It’s a mellow, vocally driven, indie piece that explodes when Tessa’s and Chloe’s voices are combined. The instrumental consists of beautiful guitar strings and harmonies that we sure cannot get enough of.

‘Words Ain’t Enough’ was written by Tessa Violet a few years ago while she was at long time friend and Youtuber Dodie’s London apartment. The guy Tessa mentioned, was someone who didn’t treat Dodie to the extend she deserved and lead to Tess writing down her feelings in this beautiful song.

I told myself I wrote this song from her perspective about this guy, but when I look back on it, I was also writing from my own experience having been in her position many times. Sometimes I tell myself I’m writing a song from someone else’s experience because it’s too scary to admit it’s actually from my own experience, too.

Tessa Violet

And haven’t we all been there? Trying to hide behind someone else’s story or feelings so we don’t have to face our own? The song is speaking to everyone who has been in a toxic relationship and we all have experienced those before. We highly recommend you listen to this gem of a song, that is so relatable.

The Collab With Chloe Moriondo

words ain't enough
Image Source: Tessa Violet ‘Words Ain’t Enough’ Lyric Video

Chloe Moriondo is one of Tessa’s musician friends and they met during her tour with COIN in the spring of 2019. She was looking for some local support options around the country and fans had recommended Chloe Moriondo. She ended up agreeing to be a guest and flew out to Chicago for a Valentine’s Day show. There, they sang ‘Words Ain’t Enough’ together and so, as Tessa says, “this collaboration has been in the stars for a while!”

We sure appreciate these two power girls teaming up to re-envision one of our favorite Tessa Violet songs. We can’t wait for more collabs like this!

So, what do you think about ‘Words Ain’t Enough’? What’s your favorite Tessa Violet song? Are you a new fan? ? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!



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