You Won’t Hate The Way This New G-Eazy & blackbear Track Sounds

You Won’t Hate The Way This New G-Eazy & blackbear Track Sounds

Back in 2014, G-Eazy and blackbear worked together for the first time. blackbear produced two songs for G’s album These Things Happen, one of them being the title track. The duo worked together countless times over the years. Now, they’ve come together once more, bring us the new track ‘Hate The Way’.

With this powerhouse duo behind it, you know the track is a banger. ‘Hate The Way’ is catchy, powerful, and guaranteed to get stuck in your head. G-Eazy and bear’s voices complement each other well on this track and it has us vibing. The hook is one of our favorite parts of the song tbh. We have a feeling it will be playing on repeat in our heads the most.

Go stream the song here, and watch the music video right here:

The music video is the perfect vibe to match the track. The lyrics are emotional and a little bit angsty. The flashing lights, dark colors, dingy hallways, and emotional scenes between G-Eazy and Bria Vinaite heighten the emotions behind the track. If you catch us screaming along to this in our cars with the windows down … mind your own business. It’s just that type of song, you know?

We definitely don't Hate The Way this track sounds
Image Source: Dan Prakopcyk

Another cool part about ‘Hate The Way’ is the promotion and celebration of its release. You’ll hear the track performed live during blackbear’s virtual concert on Wednesday, October 21st. And yes, G-Eazy will be there for it. In addition to that, you can check out this website, where you can get a personalized ‘Hate The Way’ themed photo to post wherever you’d like! How fun is that? Who says you can’t celebrate new releases in fun ways during COVID?

What do you think of the new track? Are you hoping from more collabs from these two in the future? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop! Or come talk to us at The Hive!



Featured Image Source: Dan Prakopcyk

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