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Stray Kids’ New Japanese Song, ‘All In’, Is Everything You Need In Your Life

Stray Kids’ New Japanese Song, ‘All In’, Is Everything You Need In Your Life

Stray Kids just released ‘All In’, the main single for their first Japanese mini-album with the same name.

Following their Japanese debut earlier this year with the release of their album, SKZ2020, Stray Kids are releasing their first Japanese mini-album very soon. In the last weeks, they released the Japanese version of their iconic songs ‘God’s Menu‘ and ‘Back Door‘. But now, they released the first all-new song and the main single, ‘All In’, along with a killer music video.

It seems like Stray Kids are never tired of releasing bangers, but we’re not complaining.

Source: JYP Entertainment

‘All In’

It’s hard to begin to explain exactly how incredible this song is. The production, the rap, the vocals – everything is so on point.

‘All In’ is just such an explosive and powerful song. While it incorporates a lot of different elements when it comes to production, it has a very casino vibe. This song feels like the main song for a robbery movie, kind of like Ocean’s Eleven – which makes the music video even more genius, but we’ll get to that later. 

The song opens up with a spoken intro by Han, and it’s enough to get you hyped. The first verse follows the normal structure for a Stray Kids song: killer rap, this time from Felix, Changbin, Hyunjin, and Bang Chan. Seungmin’s and I.N’s beautiful vocals carry the pre-chorus as the hype from the verse fades a bit just to build it up again for the chorus.

Stray Kids always manage to be very creative with their music. This time they used the sample of an automated female voice in Japanese and Han saying “what” right before going onto an explosive chorus. It sounds weird, we know, but when you listen to it, it makes somehow totally sense, and it is amazingly genius. That chorus will also get stuck in your head for hours on end.

As for the second verse, it shifts a bit after Felix’s second rap, with Bang Chan’s low almost-spoken rap and Seungmin’s and Lee Know’s vocals, leading to Changbin’s impactful rap. The bridge starts off with Felix and Lee Know but then goes into some insanely fast and full of attitude raps from Han and Hyunjin. In other words, this song has so many twists and turns but it’s what makes it such an amazing song with its insane rap, incredible vocals, and amazing production.

Source: JYP Entertainment

The music video

If you thought the song itself was already incredible, wait to watch the music video. This might be one of the best music videos Stray Kids has ever made.

The whole concept of the video is the setting of the robbery of a bank, the investigation, and the persecution. The fun thing is that all eight members take on two roles: they’re both the detectives and the criminals. The music video is perfectly adapted to the song. For example, the members are shown talking as detectives to the press about the crime during Bang Chan‘s verse on the second verse, which is very calm and almost spoken. Just like music videos like ‘God’s Menu’, the editing is everything and makes it such an interesting and enjoyable watch.

As usual Stray Kids incorporate an innovative and captivating choreography, that not only showcases how good dancers they are but also matches the song to perfection. Especially for Changbin’s rap in the second verse that was already impressive enough but with the choreography, it just becomes addictive. Some of the performance scenes were also shot with a screen on fire behind which makes it all more impressive. A highlight for sure was Han totally killing it as the center during the dance break. Also, seeing Lee Know taking the center with his charisma will never be something we get tired of watching. But being honest, every member killed it in this music video, and each of them had at some point the spotlight. That’s something we love to see.

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ALL IN, out November 4th

This one of Stray Kids‘ strongest releases this year. That says a lot about the song because 2020 has been such a big year for them. Now, they’re wrapping up this insane year with the release of their first Japanese mini-album. So be sure not to miss out.

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Featured image source: JYP Entertainment

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