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8 Anime That Are Perfect to Watch Over Halloween

8 Anime That Are Perfect to Watch Over Halloween

It’s October! And that means all the spooks and mysteries abound this time of year. Halloween isn’t the same without a little scare, a mystery to solve, or some kind of horror just waiting to be found. We’ve got anime of all flavors for your viewing pleasure, and today we’re bringing you frights and confusion of all kinds. Romance with a zombie? Murder in the classroom? Disease? Mystery? It’s all here just for you.

Higurashi: When They Cry

Based on the Japanese murder mystery dōjin soft visual novel series and game, this show is sure to leave you scared and confused. This one is a classic anime that’s getting a renewal just in time for Halloween. Whether you watch the 2006 or 2020 version, the story is full of frights, blood, and murder, of course. We can’t deny the slice of life seems calm on the surface, but keep watching because things are about to get weird. Maybe even- sad?

Follow our main character Keiichi Maebara as he moves to a rural village and makes some interesting friends. Isolation makes for weird ways sometimes; find out the secrets of Hinamizawa village as we count down the days to the big festival in all 64 episodes of its glory.


Follow Kouichi Sakakibara as he transfers into class 3-3 of Yomiyama North Middle School. In the year 1972, Class 3-3 lost a classmate, and ever since then, the Class has been surrounded by mystery. Find out the truths and why Mei Misaki is ignored by everyone in the class, including the teacher. A show that will, honestly, have you guessing until the very last minute, it’s well worth the binge. Have any ideas just who it is that doesn’t belong?

This short and sweet 13-episode horror anime of 2012- Someone in class doesn’t belong. Can you find out who? Fair warning, you’ll never look at umbrellas the same way ever again.


With a stunning and extraordinary art style, this anime is sure to get your mind buzzing. Kimihiro Watanuki can see the supernatural and unexplained, which becomes a bit troublesome because he despises these abilities. He comes across a woman, a store, and an offer he can’t refuse: work for the shop, and eventually, the ability can be taken away, but we all know what happens when you get involved. Doors open, and there lies even more questions than we had before. Seeing the world through Kinihiro’s eyes- just puts the pin in it for us, and THP approves.

A total of 24 episodes, this is a 2006 anime you’ll want to take a bite out of. Need more? The manga is the place to go for the conclusion of this tale if you happen to get invested.

Ghost Hunt

What do you get when you combine Psychic Research with an Australian priest, TV medium, shrine maiden, a researcher, and a high school girl? This unlikely group makes up Ghost Hunt, the anime that will have you questioning a lot of things, such as who comes up with this stuff?? Ghosts are out there, and these guys are going to find them. It may not scare your pants off, but it is a bit of spooky fun. Think Ghost Busters, that was a good time, amirite?

A cool 25 episodes, you’ll fall for the characters and pique your curiosity with each discovery.


The cutest gothic lolita ever! GoSick follows an exchange student and an unorthodoxly intelligent young lady. Together they travel to solve mysteries and wonders of the world. Lighthearted mysteries that are fit for most audiences, so if fear isn’t your thing, try a bit of mystery instead. Full of psychic abilities, otherworldly intelligence, muddled mysteries, and the best Gothic extravagance. Have a little fun, and begin the adventure.

This one By studio Bones, so you know it’s worth the watch and has 24 episodes to make your brain hurt. In a good way, of course!


We know you love ghosts, ghouls, and more. Just how deep does that love go? We promise it’s not as deep as Chihiro Furuya. Taking his love of zombies and the occult to the max, he performs a revival on his dead cat. From there, things get a bit weird. We don’t recommend using spells and potions to gain these same results. Be wise and use your head. Otherwise, enjoy the ride! What would we give for a zombie significant other? Let’s find out.

One season and 13 episodes make it the perfect bite-sized anime for the Halloween day binge. Be careful what you wish for because it might be more than you bargained for.

Hell Girl

This one will inspire the vindictive side of you. Follow Ai as she claims damned and disgusting souls in satisfying ways. Prepare for sadness and glee on this metronome of a ride. Scour the web for the site everyone is talking about, make a plea that your grudge gets fulfilled, and ‘Hell Girl’ will appear to drag your tormentor to hell.

With 26 episodes per season and three seasons, you’ll have 78 glorious episodes to exact your vengeful fantasies and find out just who Ai is. How exactly did this goddess of revenge come to be? The answers may hurt you more than you realize.

Junji Ito Collection

Junji Ito is the master of horror, and it might be too much for those with a weaker stomach. We have nightmares, and that doesn’t happen often. Want to see the dark and twisted side of Japan’s creations? Look no further than Junji Ito. His artwork is pretty well-known, and a quick google will show you tons of things you may have glimpsed out of context. Brought to life, time, and time again, this is sure to put you in the horror mood. We suggest keeping the lights on for this one.

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binge-worthy buzz

If you can make it through all 12 episodes in one go, we are disturbed but impressed. Check out the books! There are English translated copies available in your local book stores.

How was that? Feel satisfied with our choices? Got a better one for us? We’re all ears! As consumers of all anime, we strive to know as much as we can! We just like you are learning as we go. Dive right into your first anime this Halloween season. Let us know what you watch or what you have already watched in the comments down below or reach out on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.

Need some more sweet treats? Halloween on the brain? We got just the thing for you.

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  • Great article 🎃 I didn’t know Higurashi was getting a remake! There’s so many good ones, I love Shiki and Death Parade as well

    • Thank you! Yeah I didn’t know either until recently. Shiki was next on the list for sure. I tried to be broad with type but I LOVE Death Parade sm 💜

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