Black Foxxes Release a Music Video for Their Song ‘Jungle Skies’

Black Foxxes Release a Music Video for Their Song ‘Jungle Skies’

Black Foxxes are an English indie rock trio band from Exeter, England. The members of the band are Mark Holley, vocals/guitar, Finn Mclean, drums, and Jack Henley, bass. They have just released a music video for their new single ‘Jungle Skies’, which will be featured on their third self-titled album.

What’s interesting about this music video is it’s all in black and white. It starts by showing a sailboat in the middle of the ocean, with a soft guitar beat playing in the background. Then when the next scene of birds flying through the sky shows up, the guitar picks up speed, the drums kick in, and the vocals begin. We are taken back by the unique sound of the vocals. They sound a little distorted and softer than the beat. It’s something we’ve never heard before. As the song continues the beat remains the same but there’s an added electric guitar portion that heightens the song’s emotional lyrics. The sound of the vocals also becomes aggressively more emotional. By the end of the song, everything goes back to how the song started, soft guitar beat and distorted vocals. We can’t help but tear up.

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Jungle Skies’ is a song written about depression. I wrote this song the week before I had to shave my head because of the treatment I am on. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been about any lyrics I’ve ever written. It’s a song about the dark, but also about rebirth and learning to love and accept yourself. I hope it can connect with some of you that are going through your own personal battles.

Mark Holley


1. I Am
2. Badlands
3. Drug Holiday
4. My Skin Is
5. Panic
6. Swim
7. Jungle Skies
8. Pacific
9. The Diving Bell

The album Black Foxxes will be released on October 30th, which you can pre-order here!

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Featured Image Source: Black Foxxes Facebook page

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