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Exclusive Interview: Avenue Beat Discusses F2020, TikTok and Lockdown Creativity!

Exclusive Interview: Avenue Beat Discusses F2020, TikTok and Lockdown Creativity!

Avenue Beat via Twitter

Nashville-based musical trio Avenue Beat is a genzennial collective of Sam Backoff, Savana Santos, and Sami Bearden who are the unconventional creators of this fun band. They are currently in the news because of their latest sensational release titled ‘F2020’ that unexpectedly blew up on TikTok and turned out to be an exceptional anthem for the year 2020. A very vibey tune, this song is packed with candid raw emotions, dropping continuous f-bombs while talking about this challenging year and its highs and lows- which is something we didn’t know that we needed to hear.

Avenue Beat via Twitter
Avenue Beat via Twitter, Photo Courtesy: Robby Klein Photography

Avenue Beat is a result of the childhood passion of the trio for music that blossomed into a beautiful musical journey. At The Honey Pop, we had an opportunity to chat with them discussing F2020, creative inspiration during the pandemic, their friendship, plans, and much more. Read below to know more!

So, we’re just going to jump right in,‘F2020’ is such a great song to represent Gen Z with it being so relatable for this year. Besides that fact, what else do you think made the song the hit it is?
Savana: I think the song is pretty relatable, we finally just hit a breaking point, where we finally thought ‘Wait, this year has really sucked, and we know we’re not the only ones who feel this way.’ So I just put all of our thoughts into a song and I think we finally said what everyone was thinking.

The track became a viral sensation overnight and so many people also used your song on social media to tell their stories about how challenging their year has been. How did it feel seeing people share such personal experiences?
Sami: It’s been awesome seeing people react to the song. I think we had an ‘oh shit’ moment when Will Smith shared his song on his Instagram. It was so crazy to think that he would even hear our song, and it was just really cool to see so many people with so many different backgrounds who were able to relate to the song.

So, F2020’s famous TikTok was originally from you all trying to get your manager to let you release the song, what was their initial reaction to it? And how did they react when after it went viral?
Savana: Originally, we figured, We’ll never be able to release this, we say the f-word like 27 times, so we just uploaded the song for fun on TikTik. We’re always sharing demos and beats on our account just for fun, but we absolutely did not expect to get such a reaction from the song after we uploaded it. The morning after we uploaded it, it had over 5 million views and it just kept climbing every day. It was insane, and people were in our DMs asking for a full version to be released, so we made it happen.

The lyric video for ‘F2020’ is almost a continuation of the viral TikTok, can we expect a video anytime soon and if not, what would your dream video look like for this song?
Sam: In an ideal world, we’d love to have fans submit some of their 2020 videos and have a cameo of some of our experiences and listeners’ experiences, but COVID-19 restrictions have made filming tricky.

Given a social platform like TikTok, you’ve seen what it can do for a music career. How do you plan to utilize it and other platforms to spread out more of who you are into the world?
Sami: We’ve experienced it first hand, but it’s so crazy to see the power that TikTok holds in the music realm. At the end of the day, though, we honestly just use our social media, including TikTok, for fun. Plus it’s a great way for us to connect with our fans.

As a new band, we’d love to know more about you! Who is Avenue Beat? Tell us something about each of you that may help your fans to get to know you a little better!
Savana: Sam and I have known each other since we were babies, and we met Sami at theater camp when we were 14 years old. We all just started singing and writing together, and then we formed Avenue Beat. We started performing in our hometown and decided to make the trek to Nashville after we graduated from high school to pursue music, and the rest is history.

Avenue Beat via Twitter
Avenue Beat via Twitter

There aren’t many girl groups in the industry these days, so we love to see more female representation. Who are some of your all-time favorite girl groups or bands, and which one would be a dream collaboration for you?
Sam: We each grew up listening to different music. Savana listened to Top 40s, Sami grew up on country and I love rock music. So I think you can definitely hear bits and pieces of our different influences in our songs. I think the common denominator between all of us is musical theater. We love adding the dramatics to our songs, which I think makes them stand out.

We’d love to collaborate with HAIM. We really like what they’re doing in the pop-indie realm and it would be awesome to write with them.

Social media is playing such a huge role in music for fans right now, how do you try to bond with fans through these platforms, and do you feel it’s important for artists to be on these nowadays?
Savana: Definitely, we love our social media accounts. They’re so much fun and we love interacting with fans. When someone dm’s us, it seriously makes our day and we love to post demos and videos of just being us. It’s so refreshing to have a fanbase that doesn’t pressure you to be someone you’re not or to release music with a certain sound. They accept us for us and that’s a special thing.

You all released an EP last summer, how do you think your sound has changed from then till now? And what sparked the growth, if it was the pandemic, was there a certain instance that tipped the scale?
Sami: It seems like forever ago since we released our EP. I think we’ve done a lot of growing up since our debut EP. Our sound now is a little more grown-up and very on-par with our lives and what we’re going through. I think as twenty-somethings, we grow so much each year, which is the beauty of this chapter, and we’re happy that we can share those experiences with listeners.

As we cross our fingers that we don’t need a ‘F2021’ remix, what are you all’s plans for the future? Can we expect another hit song or even another EP or an album anytime soon?
Sam: We’re always writing and piecing together more ideas for upcoming releases. We’re always releasing demos on Instagram and TikTok so be sure to follow along if you want to see some sneak peeks of what’s to come. We’re also looking forward to eventually getting back out on the road, hopefully in 2021!

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Thank you, Avenue Beat. We had a wonderful time chatting with The Honey Pop! We are so in love with this song and got addicted to it instantly.

If you haven’t listened to it already, you’re missing out on all the fun. So, hurry up and check out the latest track below.

If you’re currently jamming this latest tune, then don’t forget to share your thoughts on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP and connect with us Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Avenue Beat via Twitter

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