Fashion Fix: Lee Know of Stray Kids’s thisisneverthat Sweater

Fashion Fix: Lee Know of Stray Kids’s thisisneverthat Sweater

Welcome to Fashion Fix! Where we at The Honey POP bring you the affordable fashion from your faves! We all know that celebrities can have the most incredible fashion, but not all of it is out of your price range! We’re giving you the hook-up on where to find affordable pieces or dope AF dupes on a budget. Today, we’re telling you where to get your hands on Lee Know of Stray Kids‘s ‘thisisneverthat’ sweater.

Image Source: VLIVE

Lee Know and I.N recently appeared on VLIVE together to spend some quality time with their beloved STAYs. Swapping their glamorous stage costumes for more casual comfort, Lee Know rocked a ‘thisisneverthat’ sweater, still looking beaut as ever when dressed down.

We did a little research and found the exact match available from End Clothing for $89.00!

Image Source: End Clothing

Keep cosy in the colder seasons by copping this sweater! Perfect to team up with jeans or sweats.

Image Source: WiffleGif

Will you be twinning with Lee Know? How would you style the sweater? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Looking for more Stray Kids? We gotchu!

Come and hang with us at The Hive and meet more STAYs just like you!


Featured Image Source: VLIVE

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