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Halloween in HELL: MGK Takes Us To Podcast Heaven

Halloween in HELL: MGK Takes Us To Podcast Heaven

Halloween In Hell

Halloween in Hell the highly anticipated four-part Halloween Podcast first two episodes are here.


The highly anticipated, highly hilarious Halloween podcast has finally graced our ear-waves. Audio Up Media’s Halloween In Hell has released its’ first two episodes. In addition, we’re also gifted the first batch of original tunes to match.

If you’re wondering what’s in store for you from the scripted original, Halloween In Hell, look no further because we’re about to enlighten you. Musical Mastermind, founding member, and drummer of the monumental Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee joins the cast as his role as the devil himself. Naturally, he doesn’t stop contributing his drum skills to the original podcast track ‘Climb’ that was written for the series.

In the likeness of some of our favorite musical horrors hits like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the ominous dark comedy of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween In Hell is set during our favorite holiday. 24kGoldn and metal mistress Dana Dentata find themselves trapped on a soundstage in the fiery pits of a Hell-like setting. A setting in which a sadistic host lures them into a competition in which they must impress a jury of damned and rescue themselves from impending doom and pure evil.

Halloween In Hell – Episode I: Welcome to Hell

Each of the prominent cast members plays fictional versions of themselves, acclaimed musical cross-genre performers, as they journey to hell and back. The cast includes multi-platinum Interscope Records recording artist, actor extraordinaire, billboard chart-topper, pop culture icon Machine Gun Kelly, rock legend Tommy Lee, an acclaimed musician, and performance artist Dana Dentata, multi-platinum recording artist iann dior, 24kGoldn, and musician/writer PHEM.

Halloween In Hell – Episode II: The Devil’s Maze

The podcast was conceived and produced by Audio Up Media CEO Jared Gutstadt, and Machine Gun Kelly. The podcast will also debut original music in each episode and be made available across all streaming platforms.

Full of sadistic humor, and honesty this podcast is also full of enjoyment. Audio Up Media CEO lets us fans know that the ‘In Hell…’ franchise is something they will continue beyond Halloween. The ongoing podcast will surround various holidays that will occur year-round.

We’re digging what we’re hearing, plus a little MGK flavor makes anything more pallet pleasing. What were your thoughts? Any predictions for episode III? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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