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No Good Left To Give: A Movements Mini-Documentary

No Good Left To Give: A Movements Mini-Documentary

If you’re anything like us, you’re still worshiping the masterpiece that is Movements sophomore release, No Good Left To Give. While the title of the album may deceive you, these guys gave us their best. 

The record via Fearless Records was a no-skip-put-us-in-our-bag-album. While we won’t go too in-depth about our feels, you can certainly read them if you wish here – in our full album review. 

No Good Left To Give was a monumental piece for Movements, and while they’ve delivered us more than their fair share of great music – the struggle behind creating this album was one they believed deserve undivided attention. 

Giving us a journey into the brain of the band with this mini-documentary that showcase the making of one of the years best albums.

Movements – The Making of No Good Left To Give

The documentary surrounds the band and the journey it was to create Something they’d be proud of. Vocalist Pat Miranda explains the emptiness he felt after the band’s making of debut album Feel Something. Fearing that they’d dug so deep and poured so heavy into the record that they’d drained themselves of all sustenance. 

Taking time to re-learn how to write, collaborating fully, and working with phenomenon producer Will Yip, the band turned their quartet into one badass fivesome. The crew worked closely with Yip and found him as a saving grace to the group. They produced a record of diversity as they covered mental illness, loss, emptiness, and loneliness that follows. But, like any good album, the band wasn’t afraid to throw in some wildcards. Creating an album they’re exceptionally pleased with, the band feels like their growth was satisfactory, and their music will be a continuation of it. 

We’re thankful that Movements has found their way and that Will Yip was excellent guidance for them; we’re thankful for No Good Left To Give and all that it helped the band through, for all it helped us through. 

What are your thoughts on the documentary? Are you left wanting more? Let us know what’s on your brain by commenting down below or giving us a shout on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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