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Are You Ready for COIN’s Rainbow Mixtapes? The Indigo-Violet EP Is Here!

Are You Ready for COIN’s Rainbow Mixtapes? The Indigo-Violet EP Is Here!

COIN has kept us well fed in these last couple of months! From the release of their single ‘You Are the Traffic’, off of their new EP, to their first ever collaboration on ‘Self-Care’ with Louis the Child, they’ve had a busy few months. Their latest, highly anticipated project, the Rainbow Mixtapes, has finally kicked off with the Indigo-Violet EP!

We absolutely love, love, LOVE the alt-pop vibes that COIN has going on. Much like their Dreamland album, the Indigo-Violet EP showcases how talented these guys are. There’s four songs on this EP, each one intended to capture the indigo-violet “mood”. Do you think they sound the way you would conceptualize indigo-violet?

Along with the EP release, the video for the first track ‘Sort It Out’ released today too!

Featured in the video is the 80s/90s animatronic sensation, Rock A Fire Explosion, performing for a young boy who goes through multiple birthdays in front of the band. It’s a seemingly fun and lighthearted video, but there’s still an air of melancholy about it. It fits surprisingly well with the mood of the track. Something about sitting alone on your birthday every year in front of an animatronic band will do that to you. Although the songs on this EP are a little more melancholy, we still love the overall vibes. It’s a great alt-pop/rock sound, which COIN does extremely well, don’t ya think?

COIN's brand new Indigo-Violet EP is here!
Image Source: COIN

The plan for the Rainbow Mixtapes is to release more EPs, all corresponding to different colors and genres of music. COIN hopes to capture a different range of emotions each time, giving a holographic image of who their band is.

Besides the new EPs, COIN is set to join 5SOS on their No Shame Tour in 2021, so we might get to hear these new tracks live sooner than we think!

What color of the rainbow are you most excited for? Any predictions on which one is next in the project? Share your thoughts in the comments or hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Columbia Records/COIN

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