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The day is finally here, a project that we have been looking forward to since its announcement, Ashton Irwin’s solo project, Superbloom, is here and she is a masterpiece. Let us just say you won’t be let down. This rollercoaster of an album is only ten songs long, but prepare to be taken on a journey that might have you even soul searching by its end.

Opening up with his newest single, ‘SCAR‘, it sets the tone perfectly for Superbloom. Showcasing Ashton Irwin’s vulnerability, lyricism, and astounding talent with its dreamy feel and deep lyrics.

The singles are all back to back, with ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For’ next on the tracklist. It transitions nicely from the first track and helps us start digging the hole that throws us into this beauty of an album. Ashton’s lyrics get a little more deeper on this track, with lines like, “I could harvest every dream that I’ve ever had,” and “who could love me if I start giving you my soul?”

It helps kick start this journey into Superbloom that helps you see that there is a bright light at the end of whatever tunnel you are crawling through and drops thoughts in your head to really open your mind and transform into your best self.

Next up we have ‘Skinny Skinny‘, another example of Ashton touching on a topic so many shy away from and doing it in such a thoughtful way. Fighting demons of any kind can be rough, and as the first single released from Superbloom, Ashton showed he wasn’t afraid to share his story with the world, whatever it may be. 

Reminding us to know what we’re chasing, Ashton expresses the game of life in ‘Greyhound’.

“Keep on trying to move forwards, I never wanna go back
I won’t ever let no one try to beat me like that
I’m not bitter and broken, I’m just torn up inside
Scream in truth or be spoken, can’t hold me inside”

The words really do echo as Irwin described throughout ‘Greyhound’, a catchy rock tune with ample electric guitar solos, courtesy of Matthew Pauling. Ashton, on his Instagram live last night for the premiere of Superbloom described this track as someone finding out what they really want in life.

The great thing about this project is that Irwin made each track completely different from the previous, and we’re not even halfway through, so you may want to put that seatbelt on.

Although not a full track, but an interlude, ‘Matter of Time’ touches on how you deserve everything that is good coming to you, accept the joy coming in, and don’t dwell on the bad things of the past.

‘Sunshine’ gives the feeling of being happy right from the jump, reminding everyone to enjoy the simple things and feel the “sunshine”, even though the world may seem dark.

“See the sunshine
Just like the first time
Not just today
Not just tomorrow
Then now till forever and ever”

Well, we definitely found our sunshine with this track and that orchestral arrangement, yes. Just yes.

‘The Sweetness’ is another track that touches on a darker, more vulnerable topic but it offers a message that you can become more of yourself again and if things do feel like a constant uphill battle, you must get help and find someone that you can trust to talk to so you can “love your life again”. 

Taking it to his drumming roots, the drum intro in ‘I’m to Blame’ is no less than an epic masterpiece. Gaining inspiration from the classic rock band, Deep Purple, Ashton said he wanted a moment like this on his solo project and lucky for us the producer, Pauling, happily obliged.

The lyrics to this track are on a whole different level, literally, the track is about a mushroom trip, and working the secrets of The Universe out and just blowing everyone’s mind.

“Lightning fast at night
Hear the whispers in the rain
You don’t want to die
You don’t want to take the blame “

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And with lyrics like that and an adventurous musical arrangement, we definitely feel like we were on a trip.

One of our favorites off of Superbloom, ‘Drive’ is the perfect balance of this album. Mesmerizing drums to vibe with, epic guitar chords, Ashton showing off his vocal range, we already have it on repeat.

“We could take a drive downtown to the Pacific Coast
We could work it all out, tell me where it hurts most
We could tie another knot between us in some hope
We could, we could, we could, we could”

The perfect song to drive to, no pun intended, Irwin describes these heartfelt drives you sometimes just need to take to get out your feelings. Another track like ‘SCAR’ that came from a super personal place, this track was written for Ashton’s girlfriend, Kay Kay, who recently went through a loss in her life.

Closing off the album, Ashton Irwin leaves us with ‘Perfect Lie’, a song with a haunting tune reflecting his feelings of out growing previous songs that he wrote in his earlier years and the psychological impact of playing those songs. And did you hear that vocal run at 2:49, literal perfection?

We can’t wait to see what future projects Ashton has planned and we aren’t lying when we say this album will be on repeat for months to come! Did you listen to Superbloom? What did you think, what’s your favorite track? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source via Ashton Irwin on Instagram

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