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Finneas Moves Us With ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’

Finneas Moves Us With ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’

We just love how Finneas knows exactly what to say in his music. His command with words on his own reflects transcends to us. When lockdown happened, Finneas picked up his pencil and wrote a song. We loved it. A month later, he surprised us with another one: ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead,’ and honestly, we didn’t imagine being more moved than we already were! 

The Song

Like in the song, ‘What They’ll Say About Us,’ released in September, ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead‘ is another track written out of quarantine. In the single, Finneas yet again reveals his personal side, but this time discloses his relationship with the Internet.

I’m happy for this song to mean anything to anyone who listens to it but to me, it’s a song about my relationship with the Internet. Especially in an election year. Especially during a pandemic. Sometimes, the internet makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes it makes me hopeful. But sometimes, it really makes me wanna be dead.


His lyrics in ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’ are hauntingly beautiful. He pours his heart out over the images and words he has seen on the internet, seemingly in reflection on this past year and the lingering after-effects they have had on him. He pleas, “Nobody’s comin’ to save me/ Nobody knows any better, anyway/I think we’re thinkin’ the same thing/ If this is how it ends, I wasn’t listening.”

The Music Video

The music video, directed by Constellation Jones, is simple in its setup, showing Finneas scrolling on his phone and stays in this frame for the entire duration. However, the overall message behind the video is powerful. We see Finneas’ face reflected on the screen as he looks through different headlines and videos collected from 2020; showing images of COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, the climate crisis, Trump, and the social media dilemma.

Although ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’ emphasizes his own struggles, Finneas’ feeling of the internet is relevant to all of us in some way. Whether we share the pain from the same triggers as him or experience our own version from something entirely different, it’s what he does best.

Before the premiere of the ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead,’ music video, Finneas took to YouTube Live, to chat with fans and answer questions. In the stream, he shared updates, expressed his thoughts, the inspiration, and creative process of his music, and he also performed a few tracks!

To commemorate ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead,’ Finneas released exclusive merchandise inspired by the artwork and concept of the single. Preorders are available now on his website!  

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Featured Image Source: Finneas via YouTube

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