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Fresh Music Friday: Ariana Grande, SEVENTEEN, Ashton Irwin… and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Ariana Grande, SEVENTEEN, Ashton Irwin… and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Positions’ – Ariana Grande

Pop princess Ariana Grande is back and is serving us serious sweetheart swagger with her new single ‘Positions,’ the lead single from her newly announced album which we’re getting literally next week! In a song in which she simps over her boo, Ari gives positions a double meaning in this slightly saucy song as she takes the position of president in the music video. The R&B infused pop banger is chilled and laced with a trap beat which creates a whole vibe we at Fresh Music Friday are here for. Welcome back, Ari! Come and claim your crown, Queen!

Listen to the single here

Semicolon – SEVENTEEN

The 13-member group is back with their special album Semicolon and it does not disappoint. The album consists of six songs with ‘Home;Run’ being the title track – a funk funky and fun tune and the perfect follow-up to the group’s summer bop ‘Left & Right’. This time the song’s main topic is all about baseball metaphors and we at Fresh Music Friday can’t say that we aren’t obsessed. The rest of the album are songs performed by sub-units of the group; These differ from their usual vocal, performance, and hip-hop subunits. This time it’s all mixed up and if we had to pick a song to recommend we’d pick ‘Do Re Mi’ which is a song performed by the youngest members of the group and just puts a smile on our faces. Give this new SEVENTEEN album definitely a listen you won’t regret it.

Listen to the album here

Superbloom – Ashton Irwin

At last, Ashton’s solo album has landed and we are totally in awe. Stepping out for the first time alone, the 5SOS drummer shows us a more intimate side of himself with this project. Having normally kept up a positive persona for the 5SOSFam, we are introduced to the more vulnerable side of Irwin as he talks about personal struggles and life experiences in this dark and moody coming-of-age record. We were introduced to the psychedelic ‘Skinny Skinny’ as the lead single back in September and the grunge-fueled ‘Scar’ earlier this month. The album offers some eclectic sounds with ‘Sunshine’ serving as a warped pop song, and ‘The Sweetness’ being an epic six-minute track of pure rock. Superbloom is a masterpiece and one of the silver linings of 2020.

Listen to the album here

‘Sweet Melody’ – Little Mix

With just two weeks until their sixth studio album Confetti drops, Little Mix have released their latest single ‘Sweet Melody’ which is an absolute serve! The banger penned by Tayla Parx, MNEK, and Kamille is an ode to former lovers who stunned the girls with dedicated love songs before the rose-tinted glasses were torn off and the reality of the relationship set in. The girls offer total sass in this pop perfection and have paired it up with their most elaborate choreography to date that is sure to pop the heck off on tour next year! ‘Sweet Melody’ offers another sample of the masterpiece Confetti is going to be and we at Fresh Music Friday can hardly wait.

Listen to the single here

‘From Home’ – NCT U

The last track from their new album NCT Resonance Pt.1 – The Second Album, ‘From Home,’ may arguably be NCT‘s best ballad. The vocals on this emotional and uplifting track are otherworldly and carry a beautiful message of the members having each other and making a home among themselves. As a group known for its members’ diversity, having the song sung in Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, and English makes it that much more impactful. Combined with a beautiful MV that brings us to tears, such as hearing the boys say “thank you” in their native languages while their baby photos are shown, this song is so much more than another ballad. It represents what NCT is at its core, and we can’t stop being put in the feels by it.

Listen to the single here

‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’ – FINNEAS

Multi-instrumentalist and music mastermind FINNEAS has released a new single this week and it is sumptuously divine. ‘Can’t Wait To Be Dead’ is an emotion-packed acoustic track that builds into an epic cinematic rock track full of rolling guitar lines and drum beats. If you’re looking to feel like the main character in a coming of age film then this is the perfect song to blast through your headphones in the car!

Listen to the single here

‘Back To The Streets’ – Saweetie ft Jhene Aiko

If you’re looking for an anthem to jam out with your girls before having a night out, Saweetie and Jhene Aiko gave us one with ‘Back To The Streets’. Honestly, this is literally one of the collaborations that we didn’t know we needed. A power anthem based on the concept of upgrading from your last to your next in addition to upgrading yourself is the one the girls need. We’re loving how smooth the two sound in the track and honestly, has to be the best! Thank you, girls!

Listen to the single here

‘Dingaa’ – MAMAMOO

Mamamoo is back with pre-release single ‘Dingga’ and it couldn’t be more fun! ‘Dingga’ comes to us before the girl group’s 10th mini album Travel comes out in November. And ‘Dingga is all about retro. The music video captures the retro feel to a ‘T’ and the song is absolutely fun with a vocal-driven chorus and fun rap verses. It is so catchy that we need you to add the song to your playlist right now! Fresh Music Friday approved.

Listen to the single here

‘Teardrops’ – Bring Me The Horizon

In the run-up to their EP Post Human: Survival Horror, Bring Me The Horizon have teased us with another huge track. ‘Teardrops’ is a classic BMTH track with all the social commentary, heavy guitars, and stunning visuals you’d expect. When speaking about the track, frontman Oli Sykes told BBC Radio 1 that it’s all about how our moral compasses have shifted as a result of technology and social media. It’s a message that will make you sit and think before having a jam out on your morning commute and we can’t recommend it enough!

Listen to the single here

’12:00′ – LOONA

After getting their first win with ‘So What’, LOONA are back with their third mini-album, 12:00, and their addictive retro single, ‘Why Not?’. As LOONA tries on different genres with their longest mini-album yet such as Pop R&B in ‘Fall Again’, they also gave us the beautiful retro synth-pop anthem ‘Voice’ (which is also an English version!). With this new mini-album, they gave us beautiful soft songs like ‘Universe’ as well as songs to dance to like ‘Oops’ and ‘Hide And Seek’. This comeback seems to mark a new era for LOONA.

Listen to the album here

‘Too Much’ – Marshmello & Imanbek ft Usher

Listen up! Marshmello has teamed up with Imanbek and Usher to deliver the party anthem of our dreams. ‘Too Much’ is a song that could never be too much, even after playing it on repeat for hours. From soaring pre-chorus melodies to hard-hitting beats in the rest of the song, we at Fresh Music Friday are totally beside ourselves. This is a track that we’ll be grooving to all weekend long!

Listen to the single here

‘All In’ – Stray Kids

Stray Kids are back with yet another banger. And this time it is an addition to their Japanese discography ‘All In’ is the group’s lead single for their new Japanese album of the same name. The song has the SKZ signature all over it, with strong rap verses and a fun all-out chorus. The song’s peak really lies in its fantastic arrangement which is thanks to the group’s producer and leader Bang Chan. ‘All In’ is so good that we recommend you to also go all in and add it to your playlist.

Listen to the single here

Elated! – Bea Miller

So many of our favs are releasing albums this week and our queen Bea Miller is no different. Her sophomore album elated! is a wistful trip into the magical dreamy pop sound she’s made her own. If you’re looking for a short but sweet record then this is the one to listen to this week! Some of our favorite tracks at Fresh Music Friday include ‘hallelujah’, ‘i never wanna die’ and ‘self crucify.’

Listen to the single here

Decoherence – AleXa

KPOP’s soloist with the most unique concept is back. AleXa returns to the scene with a new mini-album called Decoherence and its title single ‘Revolution’ hits hard. The chorus is one of the catchiest we have heard in a while and the rest of the song demonstrates to us how much of an all-rounder AleXa is. She has the vocal, the rapping, and the dancing skills to make ‘Revolution’ come to life. The EP also includes four more songs one of them being the pre-release single ‘VILLAIN’ and also an English version of ‘Revolution’. We can’t get enough of AleXa’s AI concept and hope you give her new EP a listen.

Listen to the EP here

The Amanda Tape – THEY.

Critically acclaimed R&B duo, THEY. have made their return with their sophomore album The Amanda Tape. With features from Wale, Tinashe, and Juicy J, The Amanda Tape embellishes the distinctive sound of Dante Jones and Drew Love, with the acoustic feel giving it quite the intimate vibe. From social issues to the highs and lows of love, single ‘On and On’ is explained to be a love/hate relationship that minorities have with the United States and Americans’ fight to “save” their country. Our top tracks from the record include ‘On and On,’ ‘Losing Focus (with Wale),’ and ‘Mood Swings.’

Listen to the album here


IZ*ONE has returned with another Japanese album. The Produce Series-born group has been successful at dominating the Japanese market, which stems from the group having former AKB48 members. And so we aren’t surprised by the group’s new album TWELVE shattering the Oricon chart. The album’s title is called ‘BEWARE’ and represents all IZ*ONE stands for. A fun cute concept and a song that just cheers you up and puts a smile on your face. The album also includes songs IZ*ONE has released before such as ‘Vampire’ and ‘Buenos Aires’ which are total bops. Japanese versions of successful Korean songs are also included ‘La Vie En Rose’, ‘Violeta’ and ‘Fiesta’ just hit differently in Japanese if you ask us. We think TWELVE offers you 13 songs of full-on IZ*ONE energy and that at least one song will be your cup of tea. Go and give it a listen.

Listen to the album here

‘Party Til I Die’ – Kim Petras

‘Tis the season to get spooky and Kim Petras is definitely the queen of Halloween! Dropping from her upcoming project Turn Off The Light, Vol 3. – the final chapter in the trilogy – the song gives us old skool Kesha vibes with added trap beats which make for quite the party bop, especially for this time of year! Kim Petras is the Mariah Carey of Christmas and we are absolutely here for it.

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Listen to the single here

Razzmatazz – I Don’t Know How But They Found Me

Our favorite glam rockers I Don’t Know How But They Found Me have just dropped their debut album Razzmatazz and we’re freaking out. Since their formal debut back in 2018, we’ve been vibing and grooving to the tunes that Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman have pumped out and this new collection of hits is the cherry on the cake. Some of our favorite tracks include ‘Leave Me Alone’, ‘Kiss Goodnight’, and ‘Sugar Pills’. If you’re a fan of lighter punk or glam rock then this Bowie inspired album will be right up your alley!

Listen to the album here

always – Keshi

The last EP in a three-part series, Keshi‘s always is here, and he has proven to us once again that we need his music in our lives. The six tracks on this EP showcase Keshi at his finest, which was the intention of his three EPs that he has released over the years; they are an introduction to Keshi as an artist. Through these songs, Keshi is able to incorporate different genres to his iconic lo-fi sounds, and we are obsessed with each one.

The first three tracks on the album, ‘always,’ ‘more,’ and ‘drunk,’ were all released before the EP’s release and take us on a journey of emotions through the different subjects Keshi sings about and the way he delivers them. The new songs we hear on this EP are uniquely different, and we can’t get over how Keshi played around with the beats, and his vocals! ‘talk’ has quickly become a fan fave with its somber intro, then picking up in instrumental. ‘B.Y.S’ plays around with similar instrumental beats that we see in ‘talk’ and is the perfect song to vibe with. He ends with the emotional and heartfelt ballad, ‘us,’ putting us right in our feels as usual. It is a brilliant EP, and with the promise of a full album in the future, we at Fresh Music Friday can’t wait for more from this underrated king!

Listen to the album here

‘Cool Girl’ – Dodie

Hot off the news of an upcoming album, Dodie has gifted us the first single ‘Cool Girl’ and we’re up in our feels. You might initially mistake ‘Cool Girl’ as a stripped back Dodie song that’s reminiscent of her early songs but it quickly morphs into something much more atmospheric! Soft acoustic guitars and stripped back vocals quickly evolve into strings and muted drums to give the track a life of its own. If this is our first glimpse of her album then we cannot wait to hear the full record when it’s released!

Listen to the single here

‘Halloweenie III: Seven Days’ – Ashnikko

We’re just around the corner from Halloween and Ashnikko has served up the spooky goods. ‘Halloweenie III: Seven Days’ is the perfect Halloween anthem to blast each day to get yourself in a spooky mood. Our favourite thing about this track is how daring it is in its fusion of punk and rap. The third in a series of Halloweenie songs over the years, Ashnikko has effortlessly cemented herself at the forefront of alternative music with this latest release. We just hope you love it as much as we do!

Listen to the single here

‘Gatekeeper’ – Fedde Le Grande & Ally Brooke

Dance legend Fedde Le Grande has collabed with pop sensation Ally Brooke this week and we’re so here for it! ‘Gatekeeper’ has one of this year’s most catchy dance track beats and we’ve been non stop vibing to it since it was released. Ally Brooke’s top line is also super dreamy which takes this track to a whole new level. Add this one to your playlists so you can groove along to it all weekend with us!

Listen to the single here

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What songs are you loving from this week’s Fresh Music Friday? Are there any that are worthy of a spot on your playlist? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Jazmin Williams, Sophie McCarthy, Selina Kuhn, Rachel Calloucci, Keisha-Tara Watkin, Juu Luquin

Featured Image Source: Alfredo Flores | Courtesy of Pledis | Courtesy of EMI Music

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