It’s All Bright Lights, Red Eyes When Ruel Drops An EP

It’s All Bright Lights, Red Eyes When Ruel Drops An EP

What 17 year old can say that they’ve had 3 EPs and ones that just keep getting better? Ruel can say that, now that his third EP Bright Lights, Red Eyes is out!

The fandom has been anxiously anticipating the release of the EP, after all, he hyped it a lot with his promo for his TV network RuelVision. We knew we could expect a more mature vibe, filled with deeper and stronger vocals and elements to the songs. We heard a few songs of the 5 songs tracklist already, ‘as long as you care’ and ‘say it over’ featuring Cautious Clay, and we can honestly say we still weren’t prepared for the magnitude to which we would love the new songs.

So. The new songs we get to listen to are ‘courage,’ ‘distance,’ and ‘up to something.’ We’ve even got a treat- a visualizer for ‘courage’ that’s a bit 1960’s themed! And not going to lie, we’re a bit obsessed with it.

Listen to Bright Lights, Red Eyes here! Or take the visual route and take a bit of a stroll through the songs we’ve got visualizers for as you go along, and just use the YouTube audios for the ones we haven’t gotten visualizers for. Either way, listening in order- including the singles- always feels like the best way.

‘as long as you care’



‘say it over’ featuring Cautious Clay

‘up to something’

After each song on the album we just kept going “no, this one’s my favorite” and now we’re a mess because every song is just better than what we could’ve expected. The EP really does bring out more maturity for him, in the matter of topics or even just the lyrics. And melodically, we were vibing to every song and even crying a bit, too. And honestly, we could write a whole essay just on his vocals and harmonies alone.

Ruel just keeps getting better and we have no doubt about it. Whenever he drops his debut album, we won’t be ready in the slightest. We can’t wait to see where this new EP takes him!

What song is your favorite off of Bright Lights, Red Eyes? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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Featured image courtesy of RCA Records // Michelle Grace Hunder

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