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Monsta X Just Dropped Their First Concept Photos And We Are Ready For This New Era

Monsta X Just Dropped Their First Concept Photos And We Are Ready For This New Era

Monbebe, are you ready for this comeback. Cause let us tell you, we are but aren’t, at the same time. As you know, here at The Honey POP, we are huge fans of Monsta X. When the group announced their comeback was happening next month on November 2nd (just before Minhyuk’s birthday too), we were screaming (literally, our chat was going a mile a minute).

Well, the group has just dropped version one of their concept photos, and we can confirm that no one was ready for what MX was about to drop. It’s no joke when we say that MX is a group of all visuals because these men look stunning in their individual photos. With red lighting, all-black attire, and some of the boys sporting smudged red lips, these photos are undoubtedly eye-catching; take a look for yourself. 

The unit and group photos are just as captivating, and we can’t help but put our thinking caps on and go into full theory mode over what their next concept could be. Is this a dark concept? Do the blue lights on some of the members in their photos mean anything? Do Minhyuk and Hyungwon’s smudge lips hint at a vampire concept? Monsta X are known for their killer concepts, and only time will tell if any of our theories are correct; we’ll just have to wait for the other photos and teasers to drop to know if we’re right. 

We don’t have much time to wait until the group’s third full-length album, Fatal Love drops, and we can’t wait. Based on these photos alone and what was seen of the tracklist posted earlier this week (which features songs composed by members Joohoney, I.M, and Hyungwon, as well as a track that soloist Eric Nam helped write), we have a strong feeling that this new era of Monsta X may be their biggest yet. Whatever MX has in store for us, we are ready for it! Please show us what you’ve got boys, we’re ready to stream!

What did you think of the concept photos? Do you have any theories on the concept of Fatal Love? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Starship Entertainment via Twitter

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