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TWY Drops Single ‘Brakeless’ Remnant of The Upsides

TWY Drops Single ‘Brakeless’ Remnant of The Upsides

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years release promised song ‘Brakeless.’

Pop-punk legends, yeah legends, The Wonder Years promised a new song earlier this month to encourage voter registration. Partnering with TWY pledged to get 1,000 voters registered/voter actions and today, we celebrate that accomplishment. What were we blessed with, though? A song more magical than we could have ever imagined.

Consistently evolving over the span of their career, they have produced record perfection after god damn perfection. The Wonder Years have always looked for a challenge. Coming out top contenders every time

While we know that this band never throws a punch that doesn’t land, we just weren’t ready for this one. Single ‘Brakeless’ is part one of a project that The Wonder Years are doing to commemorate the 10th anniversaries of The Upsides and Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing. Both albums of which will have graced us with their beauty for a decade in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Each song being released is meant to be in each album’s style, with ‘Brakeless’ representing The Upsides.

The Wonder Years – ‘Brakeless’

The band put themselves back into the headspace of their breakout records, shaking loose old memories, dusting off the Hank costume, and creating something that was consistent of the sounds of The Upsides. Lyrically significant and vocally brilliant, TWY impresses fans time and time again with soulful, consistent, damn good music.

While the pandemic continues, the band was sure to take precautions when recording, mask and face shields after temperature and hand sanitizer. Mixing technology and magic resulted in a song that brings us right back to South Philly basements. It’s exactly what the world needed in times like these. It’s what we needed.

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While we’re getting our fill of The Wonder Years by streaming ‘Brakeless’ a record-breaking number of times in the next 24 to 48 hours, we’re happy to know that we’re getting out annual fill of TWY Halloween. Costumes, personality mirroring, and cover sets TWY has given us Queen and Limp Bizkit in a way we never knew we needed. This year, the boys adapt but deliver by giving us a dueling split group Blink 182 cover set, and naturally, a full-band TWY set, in which they promise to perform our new anthem live. Score your tickets here, and we’ll see you on the 30th.

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