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5 Performances Stray Kids’ Lee Know Owned

5 Performances Stray Kids’ Lee Know Owned

Lee Know is known for being Stray Kids‘ main dancer, and for his insane stage presence. He kills it every time, but here are our top performances.

With only a couple of months of training, Lee Know was the last addition to Stray Kids‘ team. He passed through JYP’s basic training on record time, and it’s clear how. Throughout the past couple of years, Lee Know has proven not only to be one of the best dancers in the industry but also to be an amazing vocalist and rapper.

This is why we’ve come up with a list of performances that Lee Know owned (or continues to own every time for some of these).

Source: JYP Entertainment

‘MIROH’ (2020 ver.)

Even a year after its release, ‘MIROH’ remains one of the most iconic and symbolic performances from Stray Kids.

However, something has definitely changed about this song, and Lee Know is a big part of that change. Every time, his stage presence is off the roof, and it has come to the point where every time we know they’re performing it, we’re patiently waiting for his part on the second verse. Also, his energetic but sweet tone suits the chorus so nicely, and really transforms the song.

But of course, the most iconic thing about this song is the drop. The images of Lee Know being in the center of the choreography for the first drop is probably what everyone thinks about when they think of ‘MIROH’. In other words, he did that.

‘미친 놈 (Ex)’

There’s really such an insane versatility to Lee Know, he literally can fit any vibe. While he can take on powerful EDM drops, the emotion he gives off through his dancing in ‘미친 놈 (Ex)‘ is absolutely breathtaking. His moves are precise yet full of emotion and passion. 

But Lee Know has an incredible voice as well. As he carries the first chorus with precise moves, his sweet but suiting tone suits a slow song about regret like this one to perfection. Even with such a comforting tone, the hurt can be felt in his part on the bridge. And live, it’s even better. It’s impossible to look away from him.


Out of their 2019 mini-album, Clé 1: MIROH, this screams Lee Know’s name from the very beginning. This song has probably one of the most iconic intros in Stray Kids’ discography, and that’s thanks to Lee Know.

There’s something about the way Lee Know opens up this song – his seemingly “soulless” voice that goes into a more aggressive rap. No one could do that intro as Lee Know did. The energy he brings into the last chorus is absolutely crazy, not only because of his stage presence but also because of the attitude he gives off with his voice. The versatility he has is outstanding.

When it comes to choreography, ‘Boxer’ is a more fun song yet the choreography is quite hard and intense. Even though, as a group, this might be one of their best performances, Lee Know totally owns this song. Whether it’s his rap, his singing, his dance – this song shows better than anything that Lee Know is such a versatile and talented idol.

Golden Disc Awards 2019

Years will pass, and we’ll still be talking about this solo performance.

Stray Kids’ rookie year was insane and they did a bunch of end of the year performances in several awards shows. However, what makes the Golden Disc Awards so special is that after the members entered the stage with ‘NOT!’, Lee Know took on a solo performance. 

The whole concept of it was that Lee Know was dancing with a younger version of himself. The way he tells the story with his body is absolutely incredible and you never get tired of repeating this one over and over again. Lee Know gave such a perfect execution to such a powerful performance.


Last but most definitely not least, ‘Easy’.

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If there’s one Stray Kids‘ song that Lee Know owns: it’s ‘Easy’. The vibe of the song, the attitude in the choreography, the styling, the vocals – everything fits Lee Know to perfection. This song shows better than any other his insane stage presence and how he’s capable of leading a whole performance. Every time the song was performed, Lee Know totally owned the stage as the main center.

There’s not much to explain more than it’s his song. It just is.

But of course, this is a short list compared to all the things that Lee Know can do and all the times he has proven to be a very talented idol. With such a talent for dance, his incredible stage presence, and his skills when it comes to vocals or rap, needless to say, Lee Know can do it all.

What’s your favorite thing about Lee Know? What song do you think he owns? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Source image featured: JYP Entertainment

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