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It’s Time We Talked About Nakamoto Yuta

It’s Time We Talked About Nakamoto Yuta

Until recently, Nakamoto Yuta was the only Japanese member of the KPOP boy group NCT and the only Japanese idol under SM Entertainment. He became their first Japanese idol when he debuted with NCT 127 back in 2017, at the young age of 21. Prior, Yuta had undergone training and been a member of SM Rookies. While there were other Japanese trainees, since debut, it had just been Yuta.

Now, how do you capture everything there is to say about Yuta? Are there enough words in the dictionary that are fit enough to talk about his artistry, his compassion, and all-around how great an idol Yuta is? How do you properly give him the credit he deserves. Well, we’re going to attempt to do just that and talk about some of our favorite moments that highlight just how wonderful an idol and person Yuta is.

The Idol With The Angel Voice

While his bio on labels Yuta as a sub-vocalist, his voice is, without a doubt, lead worthy. You can hear his velvety vocals in the background of many NCT songs and the little bits of lines we get in others, but his cover of ‘White’ by TVXQ (who are also the group that inspired Yuta to become an idol), is breathtaking. Filmed in NYC during the holiday season, Yuta’s vocals are soothing and delivers chills. It’s honestly hard not to get emotional when we listen to this cover. Yuta’s voice is angel-like, and this cover does an amazing job of highlighting his vocal talent.

Most recently, the NCT single ‘From Home’ is another track that gives Yuta’s voice the time in the spotlight it deserves. Already an emotional song, Yuta’s lines in this ballad get us in the feels with each performance.

It is also important to recognize how much Yuta dedicates himself to singing songs that are not his native language. We get a glimpse of this during a behind the scenes video of NCT 127 recording their hit ‘Kick It,’ where a staff member helps Yuta with his pronunciation for his lines in the song. It’s a small clip that says so much and acts as a reminder of how much work Yuta has put into his idol career.

His Performance And Duality

As one of the lead dancers for 127, Yuta has become a master at performing. He has proved himself time and time again as a performer, captivating us whenever he steps on stage. There are many examples of this, but one that sticks out to us was 127’s performance of ‘Kick It’ on MusicBank back in June of this year. Yuta stepped up to the plate to take the lead in the dance break (Taeyong was unable to perform on this day), and he owned it completely. 

His skill as a dancer is top-notch. Yuta has a way of drawing your attention to him as he performs; his duality between songs and on and off the stage is also noteworthy. He fits the mood of the songs he performs to a ‘T,’ and while many may assume that he is intimidating, his soft side often comes out in interviews and with his members. When a duality conversation comes up, Yuta is an idol whose name should be included on the list. 

His Compassion For His Members And Others

Known for having a healing-smile, Yuta is someone whose caring personality shines bright. While he is known for his friendship with members Mark and WinWin, the way he dotes on his younger members is seen in his other friendships. He has a special bond with each of them, and we see it in the vlives, interviews, and behind the scenes videos on NCT Daily. We see it when he’s out with Johnny and Taeyong in Chicago and can barely contain his excitement. We see it with how he jokes around with Doyoung, Jungwoo, and Haechan, as well as his special relationships with Taeil and Jaehyun, and the rest of the 10th floor. And now, we are also starting to see the start of a beautiful relationship with NCT’s newest Japanese member, Shotaro, and how Yuta has already become a big brother figure. It is hard to miss the chemistry he has with his group mates, and it is beautiful to watch these friendships and how he encourages and takes care of them. 

He is someone who has always made his thoughts clear and that they are his own, even during shows such as Abnormal Summit. Not only was he one of the youngest members on the panel, Yuta was also able to hold his own and showcase his knowledge of important subjects. While the show is known for being scripted, we do know that Yuta spent his time educating himself on the issues discussed, leading many to believe that much of what Yuta said was his own thoughts. We also see bits of Yuta’s caring and knowledgeable persona during his vlives, where Yuta often doesn’t filter himself. Not only that, but these live-streams often bring comfort to NCTzens. He is never afraid to be himself during these live-streams, and this transparency with his fans is a refreshing aspect of Yuta that many celebrities do not have. 

When it comes down to it, Yuta is an idol who deserves more recognition for his talents. 2020 has been a year where we have seen more bits of Yuta in the spotlight, and with the approach of part two of NCT 2020 and NCT 127’s Japanese album Loveholic, releasing December 23rd, we are hoping that Yuta will get his chance at center stage. He has worked hard for it, and it is time that the idol with the healing smile and angel voice has his moment. 

What do you love about Yuta? Do you have a favorite moment of his you want to talk about? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP!

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  • Thank you for writing this well thought-out and true article. I’ve always felt that Yuta is an ace in NCT. I hope he receives more opportunities after NCT2020.

  • Such a shame that I’ve found out about this article just now. This is so well written. Thank you so much for writing an article special for Yuta. Yes, Yuta deserves it.

    I love his angelic voice is the very first thing written about him. His voice is what I like the most about him too. Maybe his “exotic” trait gives that unique vibe in his voice. And I think, that what makes his voice feels so special.

    His duality is something else. Sometimes, it felt like an easy effort for Yuta to appear as the most charismatic idol on stage. And imagine how would that be if Yuta becomes an actor.

    His love for his friends? No wonder it’s the most heart-warming one. The genuine smile & laughter he brought for his friends, the emotional words he has for them, I could only wish I had a best-friend like Yuta.

    And yes, I always pray for more lines for Yuta, more chance for Yuta to dance at the center, more highlight for Yuta in the future.

    Look at how many things I wrote for Yuta. He makes me like this 😭💚

    Again. Thank you SO MUCH for this article. May you blessed with happiness in your days 💚

  • Realmente disfruté mucho éste artículo, en donde se reconoce la valía de Yuta y estoy totalmente de acuerdo que merece más reconocimiento. Es un gran vocal, es un bailarín excelente y su visual es perfecto además su actitud tan vanguardista usando prendedores en su cabello, diseño de uñas, el tiene una masculinidad tan segura que puede usar faldas en sus presentaciones. Es por Nakamoto Yuta que sigo a NCT127. Gracias por tan acertado y lindo artículo

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