Joji’s Livestream Was An Extravanganza Like No Other

Joji’s Livestream Was An Extravanganza Like No Other

When news of Joji’s self-directed The Extravaganza broke out, fans were left in anticipation for what was billed as a “first of it’s kind, unique, livestream event.”

Whilst many artists performed virtual gigs for fans during this pandemic, the Japanese singer-songwriter went one step further and gave fans a whole experience.

As we watched the event unfold – we enjoyed the former YouTube personality explore his creativity in many different forms. The one hour spectacle was presented in a variety/circus like setting with a whole supporting cast that included a Justin Timberlake wannabe and Joe The Magician who was featured throughout.

Joji himself took on several different roles in the show – he had us belly laughing with his comedic routines – that included playing the role of talent show compere, and the hilarity that he got up to in the middle of his performances. There was so many iconic moments and not enough words to it do it justice.

Let’s not forget his musical talent of course as he treated fans to effortless live renditions of tracks from Pink Season and Nectar.

First of all a big pat on the back to whoever provided Joji with the freshest threads in the game. His outfits for his performances of ‘SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK’ and ‘Mr Hollywood’ ironically had him looking like a movie star.

The visuals to the party were crazy throughout and Joji as usual gave an incredible and understated vocal performance with live highlights including ‘Ew,’ ‘Demons’ and ‘YEAH RIGHT.’

From start to finish this was unmissable and the shocking ending left us wanting to see more from the all-rounder.

Did you watch Joji’s livestream? What was your favourite moment? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Damien Maloney via Shore Fire Media

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