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Booked and Busy: Kai Just Announced His First Solo Showcase And We Are Ready For KOLO

Booked and Busy: Kai Just Announced His First Solo Showcase And We Are Ready For KOLO

Is there anything that Kai of EXO and SuperM can’t do at this point? The man has been booked and busy for most of 2020 between SuperM promotions, his work as a brand ambassador for Gucci, and, most recently, Bobbi Brown. Now, Kai is adding even more to his schedule with a solo showcase in collaboration with Hyundai! Set your alarm for November 1st at 10 PM KST!

This is an amazing moment for Kai’s career as he is about to embark on his journey as a solo artist. KOLO (“Kai Solo,” as EXO-Ls are calling it) has been rumored/confirmed to be happening in the last part of 2020. Fans (including us) are waiting with excitement for more news regarding its release! This showcase could be the start of an amazing era for Kai, who has always been known for his beautiful dance ability and insane stage presence, one that separates him from the rest.

The short video posted on the EXO official Twitter shows Kai among the cars and gives us a tease about what we can expect from this showcase, with clips of his dance and the stages! Check the preview out and get as excited as we are!

This week alone has been filled with so much Kai content that our souls are soothed. Earlier this week, the 1st Look video and photos for Kai’s collaboration with Bobbi Brown released, and they are art. Perfectly labeled ‘Kai Glow,’ he is, as stated, glowing in these shots. These photos perfectly show off Kai’s honey skin tone, highlighting his natural glow and beauty. We also got to see him doing what his loves during a performance with SuperM on The Late Late Show with James Cordon, where Kai was captivated with his vocals and dance skill during their performance of ‘One (Monster & Infinity).’

We have a feeling this is only the beginning for what we sense is a new era for Kai, and that a major career moment is about to strike. If you are free on November 1st, we highly suggest you tune into this showcase (or if you’re working, like this writer will be, if you decide to stream secretly on the job, we won’t tell)!

Will you be watching the showcase? Are you a huge fan of Kai? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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