Bea Miller Made Us ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ With elated!

Bea Miller Made Us ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ With elated!

One of our favorite artists, Bea Miller, has just been on fire lately. Her song ‘feel something’ became a hit on Tiktok with over 1 million videos created to the song, and now, we’ve got a new twist on the song that includes Aminé. You could say they made it different, as it’s called ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’!

Bea Miller
Via Hollywood Records

You can listen to ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ with Aminé here! Aminé’s verse on the song adds a special flair, and the more up-tempo remix just makes it almost a whole new song.

Now, what’s even better than a new remix? A whole EP, of course. Bea just dropped elated! and we’re convinced it’s a musical masterpiece. It’s a bit of an alternative pop EP, and we find ourselves relating to every song. Like, “making bad decisions based on temporary thoughts,” who can’t relate to that?

Bea has always been a queen of speaking her mind and being completely honest with her music. Listen to any song in her discography, and you can see her with no filter, just being completely truthful and we love to see it.

Listen to elated! here!

Bea Miller
Via Hopeless Records

Each song is so different melodically and the topics they cover. Falling in love with each track, we couldn’t even try to pick a favorite. They’re all so good and so true to Bea.

What’s your favorite version, ‘feel something’ or ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT’ with Aminé? What’s your favorite track off elated!? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, or find us on Facebook or Instagram!


Featured image source courtesy of Hollywood Records // Gina Gizella

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