Bring Me The Horizon Hit Us Right In The Feels With ‘Teardrops’

Bring Me The Horizon Hit Us Right In The Feels With ‘Teardrops’

This year has sucked, but it didn’t fall short in the music department! We never expected 2020 to bring us some unbelievable new music from so many of our favorite artists. Now, we can add Bring Me The Horizon to the list!

Image Source: Tenor

The band has just released its latest mind-blowing single and hypnotizing video ‘Teardrops’ from their highly anticipated EP Post Human: Survival Horror, which is set for release on October 30th. 

Image Source: Tenor

The first time we heard it, we were in awe at just how much the lyrics struck us. ‘Teardrops’ is probably one of the most profound and powerful songs lyrically that we’ve ever heard from the band, with a deeper meaning than we can fully grasp. Depression, feeling alone, and so much more all ingrained into one soul-crushing track. Check it out below!

The band’s frontman Oli, had this to say about the track:

It is my favorite song off the record. I’m so excited to get this single out, it feels like a classic Bring Me The Horizon tune but without it feeling like anything we’ve done before. I feel like ‘Teardrops’ is some of the best work we’ve ever done, musically and lyrically as whole.

-Oliver Sykes, Frontman, Bring Me The Horizon

We are pretty obsessed with it and think it’s going to be in our top songs of 2020! Everything they release always seems to be just what we need.

Image Source: Tenor

What do you think of ‘Teardrops?’ Is it high on your list of favorite Bring Me The Horizon songs? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: as posted by Bring Me The Horizon via Instagram

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