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DKB Reminds Us To “Work Hard” With Their Latest Comeback

DKB Reminds Us To “Work Hard” With Their Latest Comeback

DKB makes their stunning comeback with their third mini-album Growth and chose ‘Work Hard’ to be their title track. The mini-album has five tracks including ‘Work Hard’. The diversity within the sound of the album shows the flexibility that the band has when it comes to their artistry. DKB with this comeback remind us they ‘Work Hard’ as they never miss a beat or a note throughout all the tracks on their new mini-album. In our personal opinion, we think that this album will be the album for DKB.

DKB promoting their new album Growth which has a title track of 'Work Hard'.
Image Source: DKB via Instagram

‘Work Hard’ sets up the whole vibe of the album. The catchy lyrics mixed in with the upbeat rhythm lets you know that this song in addition to the rest of the album will get stuck in your head. Honestly, before we knew it, we were singing one part from ‘Work Hard’ over and over again. With the vibrant colors and stunning visuals within the music video, we can’t help but smile. 

With the songs that follow, we’re still given that light vibe but tracks such as ‘No More’ are heavy on the raps with the bass-booming. Each tune emphasizes the talent and range that the boys within the group have. DKB became the embodiment of their album by showing their Growth with this album since their debut. We just know the BB’s are looking forward to their stages and their future releases!

If you aren’t familiar with DKB, DKB is a nine-member boy group from Brave Entertainment. With the diversity in cultural background, the boys also share a brother-like dynamic. They debuted with Youth in February 2020 and followed up with Love in May. At the 2020 Sorbida Awards, DKB won their first-ever award with the “Next Artist Award”. With their amazing vocals and stunning artistry, DKB reminds us to ‘Work Hard’ and inspire all of us at The Honey Pop.

What song off of Growth are you claiming for yourselves? Let us know!

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Featured Image Source: DKB via Twitter

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