Sneakerella Is The Modern Fairytale Coming To Disney+ And It’s Exactly What We Deserve

Sneakerella Is The Modern Fairytale Coming To Disney+ And It’s Exactly What We Deserve

If you love Cinderella but think it could have been improved by replacing the glass slippers with high-tops then Sneakerella was made for you. Disney+ is bringing us a retelling of the classic fairytale with a 21st-century twist. And with a cast including rising actors Chosen Jacobs (It), Lexi Underwood (Little Fires Everywhere), and NBA legend John Salley, how could we not be excited?

The story follows El (played by Jacobs), a New York City teenager who works in his late mother’s shoe store. But despite being surrounded by street-sneaker subculture, he has to hide his dream of becoming a shoe designer from his hardworking stepfather and cruel stepbrothers. Until that is, he meets Kira (Underwood) the fiery daughter of basketball tycoon Darius King (Salley). With their shared love for sneakers and the help of some Fairy Godfather magic, El finally works up the courage to use his creative talent and chase his dream.

There’s a lot about this production that will speak to a modern audience. Firstly, the theme of real magic being the power of determination and hard work is something we can all relate to. We don’t need to wait for our fairy godmother when we could be making our own destiny like El. Secondly, the vibrant setting of Queens and the world of sneakerheads is a refreshing take on the familiar tale. Not to mention the gender reversal of the protagonist challenges the stereotype that fashion is only for females. Thirdly, in the year of BLM, it’s an important celebration of Black excellence. And there’s no shortage of talent between the emerging main cast and co-writer George Gore II (My Wife And Kids). It’s both the representation people of colour deserve and a sign that diversity in the media is improving. Hopefully for good.

Like the original, Sneakerella has many memorable musical numbers. But unlike the original, the songs will be a blend of pop and hip-hop with spectacular choreography. The film has already started production and will hopefully be coming to the streaming site sometime next year. We knew we could count on Disney+ to make 2021 the year we all deserve!

What do you think about Disney’s latest remake of their iconic princess movies? Is it fresh enough for a 2021 audience, or can nothing compare to the original? Tell us in the comments below, @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

If like us, you just can’t wait until 2021 for some movie magic, come and see what else Disney+ has in store. And now you can meet and socialize with other Disney enthusiasts on our Discord server: The Hive!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

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