The Weeknd Delivers Chilling Music Video For ‘Too Late’

The Weeknd Delivers Chilling Music Video For ‘Too Late’

Things are getting a little spooky around here! The Weeknd brings his own eeriness with the release of his new music, ‘Too Late’ and it’s just in time for Halloween!

Directed by Cliqua, this new music video picks up where ‘In Your Eyes’ leaves off.  While ‘In Your Eyes’ offers up the vibe of a slasher film, ‘Too Late’ intensifies the darkness!  In the music video, two derange superfans become infatuated with him at first sight and go on the quest to make him whole again!

We’re speaking honestly when we say the horror-movie-like plot of ‘Too Late’ is unsettling but it has more to bring that just spine-chilling images! As the Weeknd is no stranger to symbolism and diving deep in his music, we believe the ‘Too Late’ music video is an extension to not only the meanings in the song but others found in After Hours as well. Immediately we think of the idea of superficiality and the unhappiness with one’s appearance, especially when we see the two women’, aka the superfans, bandage up post-surgery through the video’s duration and The Weeknd being stitched up to another body! But of course, there is so much more! You’ll just have to watch yourself but be warned!

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Featured Image Source: The Weeknd via Twitter

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