What We Know So Far About The GFRIEND Comeback

What We Know So Far About The GFRIEND Comeback

What can be better than GFRIEND? Probably a GFRIEND business women comeback concept?

回: Walpurgis Night

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How lucky we are to be getting a GFRIEND comeback, especially in the year of 2020. As the comeback date quickly approaches, November 9th to be exact, the group have released a checklist. The checklist, or schedule, includes a sneak peek on everything they will be releasing and when. Very informative, so keep y’alls eyes on it as a couple of dates have already passed. Such as the new business concept photos, check them out here.

We also got a tracklist woohoo!

Some More Dets

Image Source: Source Music
Image Source: Source Music

Did you see that all the girls are involved in the tracks listed for 回: Walpurgis Night? As before, the whole group did partake in creating the tracks. It’s always so cool when our favs are involved in the music. We get to hear stories about them and from them, that we may or may not know, through their own songs. We’re also very excited to hear the album’s lead single ‘MAGO,’ because we’ve been reading all of your theories Buddys and now we’re hooked! Okay, okay we’re excited to hear all 11, but especially that one. Also preorder is happening now for the album, which you can find here.

Are you in love with this concept? Which track are you ready to claim? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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[…] GFRIEND has established themselves in the K-Pop world as a group to keep your eye on. And with good reason, have you seen the teasers for the next comeback? After having a recent Japanese comeback, the girls are already back and ready to deliver 回:Walpurgis Night! The girls look stunning in these teasers, and we’re loving the retro-disco theme that is happening in this next lead single ‘MAGO.’ We know that GFRIEND are about to do something legendary!  […]

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