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7 Monsta X OSTs That Prove They’re Not Just “Beast Idols”

7 Monsta X OSTs That Prove They’re Not Just “Beast Idols”

Everyone knows Monsta X are amazing performers (we’ve all seen their MAMA performances, right?), but Monbebes know they’re incredible singers as well. And what better way to showcase their vocal abilities than by participating in the soundtrack for hit dramas, webtoons, and variety shows. Many non-fans are surprised by Monsta X’s skill and duality after hearing them sing OSTs that are pretty different from their signature powerful style. Even loyal Monbebes are shook every time they come out with a performance that exceeds expectations once again.

With the release of the teaser images for their upcoming album Fatal Love, we’re pretty sure no one is safe from their compelling charisma. So whether you’re already a fan or just curious to see another side of the idols often described as “beasts,” we’ve put together some of our favorite Monsta X OSTs for you to enjoy!

‘The Tiger Moth’ – Shopping King Louie OST

‘The Tiger Moth’ from 2016 romantic comedy Shopping King Louie is so good it has two versions. The theme performed by the whole group is played during the more dramatic scenes, and an acoustic version by main vocal Kihyun is used for the touching moments. Although both versions are excellent, the rock vibe of the original shows off the members’ range and creates a sound that is unique to them.

‘My Love’ – Hello Mr. Right OST

You can’t get any more different from Monsta X’s hip-hop/noise music than saccharine bop ‘My Love.’ But it’s a testament to their versatility that they pull it off in a way that perfectly fits the Chinese web-drama Hello Mr. Right (or Good Night, Teacher as it’s known in Korea). In the video for the OST, the members appear as a sweet high school band, but they are also featured as themselves in an episode of the drama!

‘Can’t Breathe’ – Partners For Justice OST

‘Monsta X’s unofficial sub-unit 2CHAIN is overflowing with talent, and here we have a full-length song from them! After hyping this power duo for so long, ‘Can’t Breathe’ did not disappoint. From Kihyun singing in a low register to main rapper Joohoney showing off his vocal abilities in the bridge, this song really has it all. Everyone, say thank you, Partners For Justice, for giving us this fire track.

‘Breathe For You’ – Puppy Day (with TTG) OST

No matter what the genre, Monsta X always go hard, as we can see in the self-cam video for ‘Breathe For You.’ This OST was for their first reality show in collaboration with soft toy brand TwoTuckGom. Not only did the members create their own bears, which they revealed on the show, they also spent the day taking care of 7 adorable puppies! This song is extra special because it was co-written by members Wonho and I.M.

‘Have A Goodnight’ – She’s My Type OST

Shownu and Minhyuk sang this sweet duet for the soundtrack to the popular webtoon, She’s My Type. Their voices blend beautifully together as they express their wish that the listener will ‘Have A Goodnight.’ They both sound amazing in this cute performance video. And singing the OST for a webtoon is fitting since the boys look as though they could have stepped right out of one. The project has even inspired some gorgeous fanart!

Image Source: @himanyaw369 via Twitter

‘Again, Spring’ – Meow, The Secret Boy OST

Main vocal Kihyun has participated in quite a few OSTs, including for hit dramas such as She Was Pretty and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. And while he slayed each and every one of them, there’s something about ‘Again, Spring’ that just hits different. His airy delivery of this emotional ballad creates the perfect atmosphere for the magical romance of Meow, The Secret Boy. But then, Kihyun could sing anything, and he would be the right choice.

‘I’ll Be There’ – Tale of the Nine-Tailed OST

We knew Shownu’s ‘I’ll Be There’ for currently airing Tale of the Nine-Tailed would leave us speechless, but we didn’t realize it would take our breath away too. This rock ballad features strong instrumentals, and Shownu’s raspy but gentle tone is the perfect complement to the emotional chorus. He once again proves why he, and the rest of Monsta X, deserve to be recognized not just as talented performers but incredible vocalists too.

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Featured Image Source: Monsta X – Newton MV on YouTube

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