blackbear Crashes The Servers!

blackbear Crashes The Servers!

Couple of days ago blackbear played a virtual show at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, LA. We knew it was going to be big event but we didn’t think the site would crash at the very beginning! blackbear blessed us with a surprise performance with G-Eazy singing their 2015 hit ‘90210’ and their brand new single released a couple of week ago called ‘Hate the way.’ blackbear also performed a couple of songs from his brand new album everything means nothing also adding fan favorites “hot girl bummer” and ‘do re mi.’ blackbear with his virtual show made so much noise on stan Twitter, and made a lot of people panic (ofc, in a good way!) because of the instant kick-off.

He also prepared merch which was only available to get during the show. No worries, now you can get it here, but warning: IT’S ALMOST SOLD OUT. So get it as fast as you can. Also, we’ve been pretty surprised because the prices? Chief’s kiss! You can get the hoodie for $29. That is a steal! Make sure to check the site all the time because the sold out pieces might be back very soon!

Blackbear’s instagram

You can catch a snippet of the magical show here, and let us know what you thought of the show either in the comments below or by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop!

If you want more Blackbear content, we’ve got you. Plus, we’ve also got a chance for you to win merch money, check it all out at The Hive!


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