Nothing But Thieves Breathe Fire Amidst Moral Panic

Nothing But Thieves Breathe Fire Amidst Moral Panic

Don’t worry – rather than overwhelming, it’s entirely cathartic to watch Nothing But Thieves breathe fire amidst Moral Panic on their latest album. The UK rock band’s 3rd studio album arrived on October 23 with singed edges – it’s politically, environmentally, and culturally-burning.

You’re saying something along the lines of, “but, The Honey POP – when I listen to music, I just want to shut it all out!”. Listen, little thieves; this album is worthy of your delicate attention – because they’re fighting fire with absolute, volume-maximizing *fire*.


Are They Just … Nothing … But Thieves?

Essex’s 5-piece rock band has really made a name for themselves since they began making music in 2012. Taking flight in 2015 with their debut self-titled album, you may recall their breakout hit ‘Trip Switch,’ threaded with twisting murmurs and demanding drums. In 2017, they released Broken Machine, which has garnered nearly 60 million streams for songs like ‘Sorry’ and ‘Amsterdam,’ respectively.

Not a thief quite yet? You might like them if you’re into bands like twenty one pilotsThe Killers, or Mother Mother. They’ve managed to build their rock sound – with beating alternative pulse electronica coursing through their veins.


How to Panic – Morally!

As previously mentioned, the whole album is a cathartic whirlwind. These days (due to the moral panic and all), we know that you may not have time to listen to the entire thing – though we highly suggest that you do! Here are some of the standout, must-hear tracks from Moral Panic:

  • Track 3 – ‘Moral Panic’: The opening line, “This is the last day of my life/Yours too”? It will immediately hook you. From there, the song spins onto a dark, cool dance floor with a hopeless, soft falsetto and a persistent, hushed beat. As the song tracks momentum, the moral panic sets in.
Nothing But Thieves via YouTube
  • Track 4 – ‘Real Love Song’: This very well may be the song that the dancers are listening to on the album cover. Contrasted by Conor Mason’s low vocals and James Price’s thundering drums, an unforgettable electronic shriek calls from above, emptying the sonic distance between them.
Nothing But Thieves via YouTube
  • Track 5 – ‘Phobia’: Okay, Billie Eilish fans – we’re passing you the headphones for this dark blaze of color. This song has a full ‘WWAFAWDWG’ moment before morphing into a different, galloping rock monster.
Nothing But Thieves via YouTube
  • Track 9 – ‘There Was Sun’: Wait, no – this is the song those dancers on the cover are listening to! It’s the kind of song that loops in your head when you’re walking down the street – matching your steps to the sidewalk a little too rhythmically. It’s the epitome of the ‘good’ kind of fire.
Nothing But Thieves via YouTube
  • Track 10 – ‘Can You Afford to Be An Individual?’: Finally, this song encapsulates all of the political stress garnered throughout the pandemic and directly addressed the U.S. President (though his name is omitted). Sometimes, it’s better to yell it out together, and that’s what Nothing But Thieves have offered their fans. Mason’s desperation is loud.
Nothing But Thieves via YouTube

So, did you expect Nothing But Thieves to breathe fire amidst Moral Panic? Has this album given you room to breathe yourself, or has it added to the flames? Tell us your pandemic-fuelled thoughts in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Nothing But Thieves via Spotify


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