Amber Liu Is Asking The Stupid Questions (So You Don’t Have To)

Amber Liu Is Asking The Stupid Questions (So You Don’t Have To)

Amber Liu is already an incredible K-pop star, singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter, composer, entertainer, MC, (deep breath) actor, director, content creator, activist, and bubble tea guru. Now she’s adding star of her very own original show to the list. I’ll Ask The Stupid Questions follows Amber as she explores topics she’s always been curious about, as well as embracing those she’s admittedly clueless on. She shamelessly reminds us that there are no “stupid questions” as she sets out to answer those burning queries we’re too afraid to ask ourselves.

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She explained why she wanted to do the show and why it’s important to ask questions, even if you think they might sound dumb.

“Growing up I always felt like Curious George. I had so many questions about every little thing. As I’ve grown older, I realized that I’ve become afraid of looking clueless and dumb. I feel like that fear has stunted my personal growth and I’ve had many conversations with people who’ve felt the same way. I’ll Ask The Stupid Questions is me trying to learn how to be curious again. I want to normalize learning and that it’s okay to ask stupid questions because you can get some really smart answers.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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The first episode, dropping October 29th, guest stars congressman Jimmy Gomez as he and Amber discuss all things politics. In the interview, they ask why people don’t vote, why people should vote, and what support there is to help the public make an informed choice.

From mental health to skateboarding, the series will invite experts on anything and everything to answer Amber’s (and our) burning questions about life in 2020 and beyond. As well as learning something new each episode, we’ll also get to experience a side of Amber that we don’t normally see in her public life.

You can watch all episodes of I’ll Ask The Stupid Questions on Ficto for free as soon as they’re released. Get it on Apple and Android, complete with both English and Korean subtitles.

Once you’ve checked out the trailer above, we’re sure you’ll be in the mood to get voting. You can find your local polling station for the US general election here, or check that you’re registered to vote here. So get out there and “be the change you want to see in the world,” Amber says!

So will you be tuning in to I’ll Ask The Stupid Questions? Let us know in the comments below, @TheHoneyPOP on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

If you can’t get enough of Amber Liu and her stupid questions, then we’ve got you covered!

To learn more about Amber Liu:

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